10 Best Green Baby Diapers on the Market

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Nothing inspires former eco-apathetics to change their ways like a new baby -- and one of the biggest ways to change your little one's carbon footprint from birth is by choosing an eco-friendly diaper. Whether you go with reusable cloth, biodegradable disposables, or an organic cotton, the durable, leak-proof styles from these companies will make your first few parenting decisions that much easier. If you're not totally sure you're ready to take on an entirely reusable diaper, then gDiapers offers the best of both worlds: The adorable outer covers (which come in bright prints and solids) are reusable, but the inserts are 100 percent biodegradable, so you can get rid of the mess without trashing the entire diaper. (Full disclosure: gDiapers founders Kim and Jason Graham-Nye also blog at our sister site, Parentables.) (gDiaper little g pants, from $18; diaper inserts from $15)

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Thirsties Diapers

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Thirsties' Duo diapers -- the Wrap, the the Fab Fitted, and the Duo Diaper -- offer a range of features, from adjustable sizing that allows the diapers to get bigger with your child to varying options for extra absorbancy. They also come in seriously cute styles -- think colorful dots and strips. The inserts and covers are made from blends of hemp, cotton, polyester. (Thirsties, from $13)

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FuzziBunz Diapers

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Since every baby is different, FuzziBunz lets you customize the absorbancy in your baby's diaper. Start with a waterproof outer shell lined with a soft inner microfleece (much more comfortable against baby's skin than traditional disposables) and then fill the pocket with whatever keeps your baby dry: one or more inserts, a pre-folded diaper, or suggests the company, "even a hand towel!" And since cloth diapers can be a big investment, the company makes One-Size versions that adjust as your baby grows. (FuzziBunz, from $16)

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bumGenius DIapers

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The Freetime All-in-One diaper from bumGenius is designed with expanding snaps that allow it to fit kids from 8-35 pounds -- which means your first batch will take your kids through toddlerhood and still work when you expand your family. Semi-attached inserts are easy to clean and mean you don't have to waste risky diaper-free seconds stuffing the insert pocket. (bumGenius, $20)

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Seventh Generation Diapers

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If you aren't willing to commit to cloth, look for diapers that are free of some of the worst chemical offenders in other diapers -- like the Free & Clear Diapers from Seventh Generation. The diapers are made without fragrances, latex, petroleum, and chlorine, and the end result is a hypoallergenic product that keeps your baby dry and comfortable. (Seventh Generation, from $12)

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Nature Babycare Diapers

credit: Diapers.com

Swedish brand Nature Babycare sells everything from nursing pads to rash cream, but they also sell six different sizes of diapers to take baby from the newborn days through potty-training. The disposables are 100% free of chlorine and incorporate biodegradable elements -- like a back sheet film made of corn and inner loft. (Nature Babycare, from $9)

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Bambo Nature Diapers

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The Bambo Nature diaper boasts that it's the only one in the world certified by a green label -- in this case the Nordic Swan Eco-label. So how id they get it? The manufacturer, Abena, opens its doors for environmental inspections on a regular basis (and that's just the beginning). As for the diapers themselves, they're made without chlorine, phthalates, and other toxic chemicals -- and the sizes start with a line designed for the tiniest preemies, weighing as little as 2.2 pounds. (Bambo Nature, from $9)

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Kushies Diapers

credit: Kushies

Canadian diaper company Kushies has been turning out reusable options for more than two decades. The newest offering is the XP All-in-One diaper, which is lined with microfleece and finished with a wateproof cover. The velcro tabs make it easy to do a quick change in any situation. (Kushies, from $18)

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Earth's Best

credit: Earth's Best

Earth's Best line of diapers, which come in seven sizes, are made without chlorine, latex, dyes, and perfume -- but they're made with renewable materials including corn and wheat. Pair the disposables with chlorine free wipes for an even cleaner diaper routine. (Earth's Best, from $13)

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Pure-Rest Organics

credit: Pure-Rest Organics

Pure-Rest Organics organic cotton Grow With Me Diaper promises to absorb up to two cups of liquid, keeping your baby dry longer, and comes with snaps that allow you to add an extra layer of absorbant inserts. (You provide the waterproof cover.) (Pure-Rest Organics, $9)