The 10 Best Pairs of Garden Shoes of 2023

Our Best Overall pick of garden shoe is BOGS’s Sauvie Chelsea Garden Rain Shoe.

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Watering a garden in rain boots


Good garden shoes matter! You might not realize how many steps you put in going from one planting bed to another, but it can really make a difference in how your feet feel at the end of the day.

You can always just turn an old pair of sneakers into your garden shoes, but some folks prefer to get a special pair that's designed to breath, be waterproof, or be washed easily. If you're looking for a new pair of garden shoes, ready for weeding, planting, and other garden chores, we found the most comfortable and most sustainable out there.

Here are the best pairs of garden shoes:

Best Overall

BOGS Women's Sauvie Chelsea Waterproof Slip On

BOGS Sauvie Chelsea Waterproof Slip On

Courtesy of BOGS

BOGS have been loved and trusted among gardeners for years. You can find BOGS in a wide range of styles, including tall and short boots, ankle shoes, slip-ons, and clogs like these. They are 100% rubber, making them extremely waterproof and weather-resistant, but if you do wear them out you can return them to BOGS for recycling, making these garden shoes our top overall pick.

Our favorite style for the garden is Sauvie, which is easy to put on and comfortable. They offer good traction if things get a little muddy in the garden, but the There's also a Sauvie shoe designed for men.

We also like that BOGS has begun a number of sustainability initiatives, including FSC-certified rubber and using post-industrial recycled materials. The brand also offers grants to fund outdoor education programs.

Price at time of publish: $90

Best Budget

SAGUARO Casual Sneaker Slip-On Breathable Garden Clogs

SAGUARO Mens Womens Kids Casual Sneaker Slip-On Breathable Garden Clogs

Courtesy of Amazon

This shoe looks like a cross between a Chuck Taylor and a Croc, and it’s a stylish and affordable option for a garden shoe. It’s made from injection-molded ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) to be ultra breathable for all outdoor activities.

It has a soft footbed, is lightweight, and is easy to clean. It’s one of the most breathable shoes you can get, and you can choose from several bright colors. However, although these shoes are very affordable, they're not the most durable, so they might not be the best pick for heavy use and should be worn with some care.

Price at time of publish: $24 for Size 7 in Women/ Size 5 in Men

Definition: EVA

Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) is an extremely common material used in waterproof shoes. Although it is a type of plastic, it's generally consider more eco-friendly than forms of plastic that contain chlorine and it possible to recycle it. We think natural rubber is a more eco-friendly choice, however it's usually less affordable. For this reason, we've included several pairs of garden shoe that contain EVA on this list.

Best for Children

Aigle Rain Boots

Aigle Kids Wellies


Sometimes, it takes more time to put rain boots on and off than the amount of time you need to wear them. Let your little one spend as much time in the garden as possible with these easy-to-put-on rain boots. We like the ankle height, they are tall enough to brave puddles without being too tall or uncomfortable, but taller boots are also available if your little one needs more protection from wet conditions. Aigle offers a range of colors and even prints, adding an adorable touch.

Committed to creating a positive impact, Aigle is a UNFCCC partner. This charter for the textile industry commits its members to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 46% within the next 10 years.

Best Waterproof

JBU by Jambu Garden-Ready Duck Shoes

Jambu Garden-Ready Duck Shoes


You wouldn’t know it at first glance, but this stylish shoe is completely water resistant and perfect for dewy morning or damp gardens. It’s an animal-free shoe, including vegan suede. It even has memory foam in the bottom of the shoe, making it comfortable enough to wear all day. With several fun patterns to choose from, it’s one of the most fun garden shoes you can choose.

Price at time of publish: $43

Best Slip-On

Hunter Garden Clogs



If you’re looking for a shoe that doesn’t require a lot of fuss to put on, slip-ons are are good choice. These classic waterproof slip-ons by Hunter are made with eco-friendly natural rubber. They have a neoprene lining for comfort, a thick supportive sole, and a robust tread for wet or muddy terrain. They come with a with a two-year warranty, and are available in a men’s sizes (view on 

We like that the company has a high social and sustainability standards. Although these boots are very durable, if you do wear them out, they can be recycled through the Hunter ReBoot program. 

Price at time of publish: $95

Most Unique Design

Sloggers Rain and Garden Shoe

Sloggers Rain and Garden Shoe


Sloggers are another brand loved by gardeners, and they’re affordable as well. You’ll find dozens of cute patterns to choose from with Sloggers. They have chickens, hummingbirds, florals, and the list goes on and on. You can quickly hose them off after a day in the garden.

These slip-ons are made in the United States, and contain up to 50% recycled material. They’re also made so you can easily remove the insole to clean or replace as needed. Sloggers are one of the most unique and affordable options out there.

Price at time of publish: $28

Best to Double as a Daily Shoe

Kujo Yardwear Garden Shoe

Kujo Yardwear Garden Shoe

Courtesy of Dick's Sporting Goods

This is shoe makes an easy transition from working in the garden to going out for a walk, or running errands. Although Kujo's aren't made from the most sustainable materials, they are made to be durable and waterproof, with a breathable mesh upper.

The sole is designed to be more like a boot for extra traction. It has an EVA footbed, designed to prevent fatigue. Keep in mind that it’s a unisex shoe, so adjust your size as needed. It’s the a sneaker-like shoe that's specifically designed for gardening and yard work.

Price at time of publish: $125

Best Sandal

Birkenstock Honolulu EVA Sandals

Birkenstock Honolulu EVA

Courtesy of Zappos

If you prefer to let your feed breathe while out in the garden, then consider the Birkenstock thong sandal. It’s incredibly lightweight, made from EVA, and manufactured in Germany. With a contoured footbed and raised toe bed, it offers solid support and encourages good circulation. It’s a good option for those looking for an alternative to the traditional closed-toe garden shoe.

Price at time of publish: $40

Best Short Boot

Joules Wellibob Rain Boot

Joules Wellibob Short Rain Boot

Courtesy of Nordstrom

The Joules rain boot is the perfect short option, around five inches tall, and made from natural rubber. With a large opening and a handy loop at the back of the heel, you can quickly pull these on and get to work. Then at the end of your garden work time, just slip them off and hose them down. There are a lot of fun patterns to choose from.

Price at time of publish: $70

Best Tall Boot

Hisea Women's Rubber Garden Boots

Hisea Women's Rubber Garden Boots

Courtesy of Hisea

Looking for a tall work boot that you can really get messy? Here’s an affordable, innovative option from Hisea. You can be confident that these are 100% waterproof, made from a combination of rubber and EVA.

These are considered flex-foam boots with rubber overlaps to keep feet dry. They are also breathable, and can take both warm and cold weather. The flexible top means these boots are more comfortable while bending and kneeling to tend to your garden beds than a more rigid pair of tall boots. As an add-on, you can fold down the top part of the boot, to reveals a fun pattern — which varies from one boot to the next.

Price at time of publish: $58

Final Verdict

Our top pick of garden shoe is BOGS’s Sauvie Chelsea Garden Rain Shoe. If you prefer a short boot, check out the Joule’s Wellibob Rain Boot, which comes in many different colors and patterns.

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