The 8 Best Eco-Friendly Umbrellas in 2023

Blunt is our top pick for an umbrella that won’t end up in a landfill.

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An umbrella is a must-have for anyone living in a rainy climate. Unfortunately, too many umbrellas end up broken due to faulty construction, and are abandoned on sidewalks and in trash cans. Cities like New York and London are often littered with broken umbrellas after a rainstorm, as many umbrellas are not recyclable.

When shopping for an umbrella, sustainable materials and great company ethics are important to look for, but durability is the most important and sustainable factor. Purchasing a durable, high-quality umbrella that will last means you don’t have to buy numerous umbrellas through the years, which in turn keeps more umbrellas out of landfills.

Here are the best eco-friendly umbrellas:

Best Overall

Blunt Umbrellas

Blunt Umbrellas

Courtesy of Blunt Umbrellas

With numerous color options and even some patterns, Blunt offers umbrellas that are made to last for life. Five different size options are available, and the umbrellas can withstand winds anywhere from 55 mph to 72 mph, depending on the model. Blunt umbrellas are made with blunted tips that open like mini umbrellas, meaning you don’t have to worry about metal ribs tearing through the umbrella fabric or poking someone as you walk by.

Blunt umbrellas also come with a two-year global warranty. So if your umbrella needs repair, the company will send you new parts to fix it, and how-to videos on the website guide you through repairs. Blunt umbrellas are shipped in fully recyclable carton boxes that can be reused as well—another win for the environment.

Price at time of publish: $90

Best Custom

London Undecover Umbrellas

London Undecover Umbrellas

Courtesy of Todd Synder

Made with recycled PET fabrics, steel frames, and wooden handles crafted from maple, bamboo, or hickory, these umbrellas from London Undercover get a thumbs up for sustainability. They’re made using tried-and-true techniques and are designed with materials selected for their longevity and environmental impact.

These umbrellas can be personalized with initials or numerals on the handle or strap, making a great gift for an anniversary, birthday, or someone who just moved to a gusty city like Chicago or London. London Undercover umbrellas come in multiple colors, styles, and patterns like plaid, leopard, zebra, tie-dye, camouflage, polka dot, and even neons.

Best Splurge

Davek Elite Umbrella

default image

This is probably the only time you’ll want to get carried away by an umbrella, as Davek umbrellas are worth the extra money. As many as 96 steps and more than 12 points of inspection are used to produce each Davek umbrella, which can withstand winds over 60 mph. Umbrella frames are made of high-grade steel, fiberglass, zinc alloy, and aluminum to create a strong base.

Each umbrella rib is made to prevent breakage and strong winds, and when closed, each rib is made to nest into each other, creating a compact umbrella that’s easy to carry. The waterproof canopy is made of 190 thread count micro-weave fabric that offers protection from heavy storms. Davek umbrellas come with a lifetime guarantee that allows for repairs or replacement for free.

Price at time of publish: $159

Best Transparent

ShedRain Clear Bubble Umbrella

 ShedRain Clear Bubble Umbrella


For 75 years, ShedRain has been making some of the best umbrellas on the market. Its clear bubble umbrellas are perfect if you're looking for rain protection that you can see through, so you can cover more of your body and still see where you're going. Several prints, including pineapples, flamingos, flowers, and space scenes are available if you don’t want a plain, clear umbrella. The domed structure of the bubble umbrella helps protect your hair and clothing while traipsing through a storm.

ShedRain provides a lifetime warranty on all umbrellas, and will replace your umbrella should there be any defects in materials or craftsmanship. The company is also actively involved in community charities in the Portland, Oregon area and has been since its inception.

Price at time of publish: $25

Best Technology

Weatherman Umbrellas

Weatherman Umbrellas

Courtesy of Weatherman

After years in the field covering extreme weather, weatherman Rick Reichmuth couldn’t find an umbrella that met his standards or withstand the severe weather he’d encountered over the years.

He decided to design an umbrella himself, and after rigorous research, design, and testing, Weatherman umbrellas were born. Weatherman umbrellas can withstand 55 mph winds, and hand-sewn panels and fiberglass ribs create a strong, sturdy umbrella that’ll weather the storm.

Even better? The Weatherman umbrella has optional bluetooth technology that tracks your umbrella so you won’t lose it, and the Weatherman app makes sure you don’t leave the umbrella behind when bad weather is on the way. Weatherman also offers a lifetime guarantee and will repair or replace umbrellas that have defects in material, workmanship, or manufacturing.

Best Compact

Totes Recycled PET Eco-Friendly Umbrella with NeverWet

Totes Recycled PET Eco-Friendly Umbrella with NeverWet


In two different prints and a black option, this compact umbrella from Tote is handy for stowing in your purse, gym bag, desk drawer, or throwing in the back of your car for unexpected rainstorms. It’s made from 100% recycled PET, and about 7.5 plastic bottles are reclaimed to produce the umbrella. NeverWet invisible coating keeps you four times drier while using the umbrella, as the coating makes rain roll off. This umbrella is also made with a fiberglass frame, so no water is used in its production, and a bamboo handle and hemp strap add additional sustainable materials. When open, the umbrella’s canopy is 43 inches, and when closed and folded, it’s less than a foot long.

Best for Kids

Grech & Co. Children’s Umbrella

Grech & Co. Children’s Umbrella

Grech & Co.

Kids love to have their own umbrella too, and this one from Grech & Co. hits all the right notes. The frame is made from fiberglass, which provides extra wind protection, and the fabric is made from recycled bottles turned into recycled polyester fabric. The handle comes with a vegan leather finish, which offers a bit of extra grip for small hands, and the manual open and close function is child-friendly. This umbrella is made in a Glocal Recycled Standards (GRS) compliant factory, which supports recycled material production and traceability, ethical worker standards, and environmental criteria compliance.

Best Golf Umbrella

Umbrella Heaven Eco Range Golf Umbrella

Umbrella Heaven Eco Range Golf Umbrella

Umbrella Heaven

Rain happens on the green, so it’s best to be prepared in case a few sprinkles or a rainstorm comes in. The canopy is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, while flexible yet strong fiberglass on the ribs and stick creates a strong base that can hold up against high winds. The canopy is also vented, which helps it keep its shape in windy situations, where most umbrella canopies would invert, causing the umbrella to break. Navy, red, black, and white are available in these eco-friendly umbrellas.

Price at time of publish: $32

Final Verdict

Blunt umbrellas offer a wide variety of colors, styles, and sizes of umbrellas, plus have great wind protection and a repair program, which makes it a huge win overall for us. We love London Undercover not only for its eco-friendly materials, but also personalized umbrella options, which makes unique gift giving easier.

What to Consider When Shopping for an Eco-Friendly Umbrella


Just like most products these days, standard umbrellas are built from new materials like plastics and metals. Plastic can take hundreds of years to decompose, while thin metals easily bend and snap under high winds, leaving most people to throw away their umbrellas without a second thought. Look for canopy materials made from recycled products like recycled plastic bottles, and masts made with materials like fiberglass. Natural materials like cork and bamboo for handles are also typically sustainable. 


Sustainable materials don’t go far if your umbrella can’t handle a good storm or high winds and still ends up in a landfill. Look for umbrellas made with a tough canopy and a strong mast and ribs. These types of things factor into a durable umbrella that can last you for years. Lots of umbrellas will also come vented at the top to better handle high winds, another sign of a well-built umbrella. 


An umbrella with a canopy that is around 40 inches across is a great size for single-person coverage. If you’re short on space too and going to toss the umbrella in your purse, shopping bag, or backpack, then look for a compact umbrella that collapses to about a foot or less as well. 


Can umbrellas be recycled?

Usually, umbrellas do contain recyclable materials such as metals, wood, and plastic. You'll need to know which materials are accepted by your local recycling service. However, you’ll need to disassemble the umbrella yourself before tossing the different components in the proper the recycling bin. 

How can I make my umbrella last longer?

Storage is the key here. After using your umbrella, make sure it’s completely dry so that mold and rust doesn’t happen, then store it in a dry place. Don’t toss heavy items on top of the umbrella, as it could break the ribs or rip the canopy. If your umbrella has a hooked handle, you could place it on a clothes rack in your closet, or hang it from a hook on the back of a door. 

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