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Oxxo Care Cleaners is the best overall dry cleaning delivery service

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Best Dry Cleaning Delivery

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Dry cleaning has come a long way over the years and has made strides toward becoming more eco-friendly and convenient. Historically, perchloroethylene (PERC) was used in the dry-cleaning process—a substance identified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as a potential human carcinogen that is also harmful to the environment. 

Although PERC is still being used by many dry cleaners, others are recognizing the problem and making the switch to non-toxic cleaning solvents. They’re also utilizing modern technologies to clean more quickly and efficiently, and by integrating online ordering, they’re creating a seamless customer experience. After careful consideration, here are the best dry cleaning delivery services.

Best Overall: Oxxo Care Cleaners

Oxxo Care Cleaners

 Oxxo Care Cleaners

Why We Chose It: Not only does OXXO use GreenEarth solvents during the dry cleaning process in all of its franchises when wet-washing items, but the company also uses TOP Terra, an ecological detergent that contains renewable natural ingredients derived from palm oil.


  • - Convenient drop-off kiosks
  • - Can schedule on-demand pick-up and delivery
  • - Garments are hand-ironed instead of steam-pressed
  • - Cleans a variety of items beyond clothing


  • - Pricing is not readily displayed online

Since opening its first store in Hollywood, Florida in 2002, OXXO Care Cleaners has focused on improving the dry cleaning process to be more efficient and environmentally friendly. It has since expanded to 60 locations across the United States. Oxxo operates without diesel or gas-fueled boilers, so instead of a steam press, each garment is hand-ironed after cleaning. 

For convenience, the company offers a 24/7 drop-off kiosk as well as free pick-up and delivery. With the Oxxo phone app, customers can track orders, view dry cleaning history, or schedule an on-demand pick-up and delivery. 

Oxxo cleans a variety of difficult items like rugs, cushions, wedding gowns, stroller seats, and designer clothing, plus they offer shoe repair and alterations. It also partners with several hotels to provide dry cleaning through concierge services. Each dry cleaning location is independently owned, so pricing differs, but shirts and pants cost around $8 to $10; dresses are roughly $15 and up.  

We suggest calling the location near you to confirm the most accurate pricing.

Best Budget: ZIPS Dry Cleaners

Zips Dry Cleaners

 Zips Dry Cleaners

Why We Chose It: Every ZIPS location has a hanger recycling program. To save on excess waste, ZIPS does not individually wrap garments, instead opting for a single biodegradable bag for every five garments.


  • - Every garment costs the same amount
  • - Affordable pricing
  • - More than 60 locations nationwide
  • - Uses one biodegradable bags for every five items to eliminate waste
  • - Has hanger recycling program


  • - ZIPS uses hydrocarbons (not GreenEarth) for a cleaning solvent 

With simple, affordable rates and a quick turnaround, ZIPS has a user-friendly business model. Pricing is around $3 per garment (for any garment). That means shirts, pants, raincoats, cashmere sweaters, silk dresses, winter coats, and more are all roughly $3 each. Clothing that is dropped off by 9 a.m. will be cleaned and ready for pickup by 5 p.m., making it one of the fastest turnover times for a dry cleaner.

ZIPS began as a group of eight different dry cleaners that joined forces in 2002 and has more than 60 locations across the United States (with a large number of stores in Maryland and Virginia). ZIPS locations also offer wash and fold services, as well as dry cleaning delivery. 

It’s important to note that although ZIPS is PERC-free, hydrocarbons (a petroleum-based solvent) are used in the process (instead of the more eco-friendly choice, GreenEarth).

Best Rewards Program: Lapels



Why We Chose It: In addition to the company’s green initiatives, it also has several community outreach programs and is one of the largest donors of clothing to the Big Brother Big Sister program.


  • - Fantastic rewards, referrals, and loyalty programs offered
  • - Community outreach initiatives
  • - No delivery fee


  • - Delivery is not available at every location

As a pioneer in eco-friendly dry-cleaning franchises, Lapels was founded back in 2000 with a goal to change traditional cleaning methods by using energy-efficient equipment and non-toxic, GreenEarth technology. Lapels handles hard-to-clean fabrics like comforters and blankets, rugs, leather, suede, and other household items, in addition to providing alterations, shoe repair, and gown preservation. Plus, if you have standard wash along with your dry cleaning, the company uses computer-controlled washing machines, biodegradable soaps, and conditioners.

Store locations are available in more than 20 states, with delivery services to the home or office (in select areas). There’s no delivery fee, but pricing varies depending on the franchise and the item that’s being cleaned, so contact the nearest store (and download the app) for more information. (Generally speaking, pants cost around $8, blouses are roughly $7 to $10, and dresses are about $14 on up.) Lapels also launched a locker program with several Target department stores for an even easier way to pick up and drop off orders. 

Lapels’ customer rewards program is yet another reason to stick with the franchise. Every dollar you spent in the store is automatically applied as a credit towards a future order. Not to mention, the VIP program has even more perks like next business day delivery and 24-hour drop-off (regular service is two to three days). 

Best Network: Martinizing Green Earth

Martinizing Green Earth

 Martinizing Green Earth

Why We Chose It: The Martinizing Green Cleaning branches use non-toxic, non-hazardous GreenEarth solution and a liquified sand (silicon), for a long-lasting, odor-free, clean.


  • - Taking steps to become a greener operation
  • - Has more than 400 locations
  • - Pick-up and drop-off is free


  • - Not all franchises have made the switch to GreenEarth

Martinizing dry cleaners began with a small, on-site dry cleaner in 1949 but have grown to a worldwide network with more than 400 locations. By offering convenient, fast, and professional service, Martinizing is one of the most well-known dry cleaners today. Since its early days (when the company widely used PERC, making it famous for speedy service), a large number of Martinizing locations have now switched to GreenEarth solvents (called Martinizing Green Cleaning). 

However, some Martinizing branches are still using PERC, so look for the GreenEarth symbol and verify with the staff if you aren’t sure.  

Dry cleaning can be dropped off 24/7 using a locker system and a unique customer password. By using the phone app, customers receive a text message when it’s ready to be picked up. Or, if you’d rather have them come get your clothing, the team at Martinizing will pick up and drop off dry cleaning to your home or office free of charge. 

Martinizing has an average turnover time of about three to four days, with blouses and pants costing around $7 and dresses cost about $14 and up. Wait times and pricing depends on locations. In addition to dry cleaning, the company offers wash and fold services, alterations, wedding gown preservation, and cleaning of leather or bulky household items.

Best Boutique Cleaner: Mulberry’s Garment Care

Mulberry’s Garment Care

 Mulberry’s Garment Care

Why We Chose It: In addition to the eco-friendly cleaning techniques, Mulberry’s is a carbon-neutral company (offsetting emissions by planting trees). The San Francisco-area facility is powered by solar energy and the Minneapolis-area center is powered by wind energy. 


  • - Flexible options for drop-off dry cleaning  
  • - Clothes come back on recycled wood hangers and biodegradable plastic bags
  • - Sustainable, toxin-free products used


  • - Only available in California and Minnesota

With a staff consisting of certified dry cleaners, wet cleaners, and environmental cleaners, Mulberry’s Garment Care approaches dry cleaning as if it is a craft that they’ve perfected. Rather than an industrial-like atmosphere found in most dry cleaners, Mulberry’s stores are warm and inviting. 

The company also makes it as easy as possible to have clothing serviced, with a 24-hour drop box, extended hours, drive-through service, and door-to-door delivery. If you opt for delivery, there are two different options for dry cleaning pick-up and drop-off: a regularly scheduled route or on-demand, with free pick-up and delivery. 

Garments are treated with sustainable, toxin-free products and undergo a 10-point inspection process. After treatment is complete, Mulberry’s uses a state-of-the-art, automated assembly and bagging system to cover the garments (so there’s no need for human touch after it has been cleaned). When it’s returned to you, dry cleaning is hung on recycled wood hangers packed in biodegradable plastic bags. 

Dresses are around $17 to $25 (depending on size), and suits cost roughly $20 each. Shirts, pants, sweaters, and skirts all cost approximately $10. 

Final Verdict

Oxxo Care Cleaners is our top choice overall for its growing network of stores, green technology, and multiple methods for drop-off and pick up. If you require dry cleaning on a regular basis, Lapels is an excellent option for its money-saving, customer rewards program. While Martinizing Green Cleaning was a leader because of its vast number of stores, Zips Dry Cleaning stood out for its one-size-fits-all cost.

Compare Providers

Service  Cost Number of Locations Turnaround Time
Oxxo Care Cleaners Best Overall Varies by location but shirts and pants are $8 to $10 each; dresses are roughly $15 and up 60 locations across the U.S.  N/A
ZIPS Dry Cleaners Best Budget  $3 per garment 60 locations across the U.S. with many in Maryland and Virginia Same-day if dropped off by 9 a.m. 
Lapels Best Rewards Program Pants are $8 each; blouses are roughly $7 to $10; dresses are about $14 and up Stores in more than 20 states  VIP program has next business day delivery and 24-hour drop-off; otherwise, it's 2 to 3 days 
Martinizing Green Earth Best Network Blouses and pants are $7 each; dresses are $14 and up More than 400 locations worldwide 3 to 4 days
Mulberry's Garment Care Best Boutique Cleaner Dresses are $17 to $25 each; suits are $20 each; Shirts, pants, sweaters, and skirts are $10 apiece Minnesota and California N/A

Frequently Asked Questions

How Is Dry Cleaning Different Than a Traditional Wet Wash?

Dry cleaning uses a solvent instead of water, helping to prevent garments from shrinking by removing the moisture. Items are then pressed to remove wrinkles. Dry cleaners that use PERC as a solvent in this process should be avoided (we recommend operators that use GreenEarth, which is made from silicon).

What Garments or Fabrics Should and Shouldn’t Be Dry cleaned?

Materials like wool, silk, suede, leather, and velvet should be dry cleaned, as well as other garments labeled dry-clean only. This may include items with sequins, suits, pleated items, and materials with extreme stains. Items with synthetic fabrics (nylon, spandex, etc.) should not be dry cleaned as it can lead to misshaping the item. If you have questions about specific items, contact your local dry cleaner. 

How Long Can I Expect My Order to Take?

The amount of time to process and dry clean your garments differ at each store. Some busier cleaners take three to four days, while others can process items within 48 hours or less. Additionally, operators often have an express option for a nominal fee.


In selecting the best dry cleaning delivery services, we considered operators that have multiple store locations and networks. We also factored in customer satisfaction and speed. The ease of drop-off, pick-up, and delivery was calculated in our selections, as well. And finally, we looked to dry cleaning operators that are placing a priority on environmental practices and providing a safe, PERC-free atmosphere for customers and staff.

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