Best Crochet Subscription Boxes

Knit Crate is the best overall crochet subscription box

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Our Top Picks

If you enjoy crochet and crafting, a subscription box can feed your passion and test your skills, with new yarns and patterns delivered to your door. You’ll tackle new projects and discover vibrant yarns, plus it’s a wonderful surprise to receive in the mail each month that’s loaded with creative projects.

Many subscriptions offer sustainable yarns made from recycled materials or natural wool, adding an eco-friendly angle to crocheting. We’ve researched the best crochet subscription boxes, ranging from small kits for beginners to time-intensive projects for experienced crafters. Here are our top picks.

Best Overall: Knit Crate

Knit Crate

Knit Crate

Why We Chose It: We like Knit Crate because all of the yarns are biodegradable and made from wool or other natural fibers.


  • - Reasonable prices
  • - Eco-friendly, artisan yarns
  • - Great for newbies


  • - Some of the clubs sell out quickly

Knit Crate is an excellent starting point for first-time subscribers and has a range of projects available to various knitting levels. The company set up its business model with the mission to provide natural, artisan yarns and project kits from independent designers at a fraction of the cost. There are two monthly subscription options available: the Knit and Crochet Crate or Sock Crate membership.

Each monthly shipment includes skeins of the in-house lines of premium yarn, a knitting pattern, and a crochet pattern. Members have the option to pay each month, or every six months (with slightly lower prices on longer subscriptions).  The kits costs around $24-$30 plus shipping and handling, and you can pause or cancel the membership at any time. If you’re new to crochet, Knit Crate also offers online courses to learn the basics.  

In addition to monthly options, Knit Crate also two popular quarterly memberships: the Malabrigo Crate (about $50) that features premium, hand-dyed yarns from Uruguay and Peru, and the Mrs. Crosby Travels crate (roughly $70) that includes yarns from every corner of the globe.

Best Budget: Darn Good Yarn

Darn Good Yarn

Darn Good Yarn

Why We Chose It: We chose Darn Good Yarn because of its mission to support sustainable jobs through ethical sourcing in underserved communities.


  • - High-quality products
  • - Soft, silk yarns are made of recycled fibers
  • - Affordable


  • - The projects are fairly small and simple

Darn Good Yarn’s Yarn of the Month Club features a colorful, handmade yarn skein with a backstory detailing that month’s selection and where the yarn came from. The yarn is gorgeous, lightweight, and almost a bit shiny. These kits create beautiful beginner projects—like headbands, drink holders, and other small items.

Purchasing a box provides sustainable employment for those who need it. Yarns are made of recycled silk or natural fibers and handspun and dyed by women in India, while the boxes are packaged by a group of adults with developmental disabilities.

Each box costs around $10 per month (plus shipping) and includes yarn and patterns, plus members receive exclusive discounts on other items. This makes the cost around $120 per year, not including shipping—making it one of the most affordable crochet memberships on the market.

Best Charitable: Annie’s Caring Crochet Kit Club

Annie’s Caring Crochet Kit Club

Annie’s Caring Crochet Kit Club

Why We Chose It: Annie’s is one of the few clubs with a dedicated subscription box to help those in need.


  • - Fun projects for a good cause
  • - Project-based crocheting
  • - Great for beginner and intermediate crocheters


  • - Limited variety of project types

If you’re interested in a crochet subscription but aren’t sure what to do with your completed projects, consider joining Annie’s Caring Crochet Kit Club—where projects are put toward a good cause. Annie’s Kits partners with Knots of Love, a nonprofit that donates woven beanies and hats to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy as well as blankets for newborns in intensive care.

The first kit includes some of the basics to get started like an illustrated stitch guide, yarn, three crochet hooks, and a tapestry needle. Then, every four weeks, a new kit arrives in the mail with all the materials needed for the next project (yarns are pre-approved by the charities). Each kit costs around $20 (plus shipping fees) and is best for beginner-level to intermediate crafters.

Best Larger Projects: Jimmy Beans Yarn Clubs

Jimmy Beans

Jimmy Beans

Why We Chose It: Jimmy Beans Yarn Clubs contributes to a number of charitable organizations, including Make a Wish, Knitters Against Malaria, and campaigns to promote breast cancer awareness.


  • - Premium yarns made of wool
  • - Affordable memberships
  • - Company makes charitable contributions


  • - These are year-long, intensive projects

If you prefer to work on the same project each month (instead of being surprised with a new one), Jimmy Beans Yarn Clubs offers clubs geared toward creating two specific, larger items. These two clubs, the “Shawl Club” and the “Blanket Club” are better for experienced artists who are ready to commit to a long-term project (the Blanket Club being the more difficult of the two).  

Monthly club kits come with two pattern cards (one knit; one crochet) specially curated by designers, shawl closures, and the wool yarn needed for the ongoing, year-long project. Shawl projects feature Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light and Tweed yarn, while the blankets include Malabrigo Rios yarn.  

A club membership costs around $13 per month (shawls) and roughly $24 a month for blankets (with shipping included). These clubs begin at the same time each year, so if you start late, you have to play catch up on the project (or opt for the monthly accessory club until you feel comfortable starting a year-long endeavor).

Best Variety: Crochet Surprise

Crochet Surprise

Crochet Surprise

Why We Chose It: Every year, Crochet Surprise creates a special project, and the finished item can be given to charities.


  • - Great variety of projects
  • - Comes with surprise products in addition to crochet materials
  • - Finished products are given to charities


  • - Some of the yarns are acrylic

Featuring some of the prettiest box designs and graphics, Crochet Surprise delights subscribers with its clever packaging, but what’s in the box is just as amazing. Jam-packed with items, each delivery includes a bag of loose-leaf tea (changing flavor each month), three or four yarn skeins of different colors (enough to make the project and have some leftover), patterns, and any additional items needed for making the project (stuffing, dowels, buttons, etc.). Yarn brands vary but may include Caron Simply Soft, or Lion Brand Heartland.

With an ever-changing list of projects, expect a wide variety like shawls and wraps, table runners, stuffed animals, or wall hangings. Plus, you can preview and purchase past kits you may have missed. Monthly kits are made in the United States and cost around $30 plus shipping (although the first order ships free).

Final Verdict

Choosing a crochet subscription box ultimately depends on your personal needs. Knit Crate is our best overall pick because of its affordable pricing and quality, biodegradable yarns. If you’re just getting started, Darn Good Yarn is an affordable way to test out a subscription box, plus the projects are a good match for beginners. If you want to challenge yourself, Crochet Surprise has a wide variety of projects to keep your skills sharpened.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’ve Never Crocheted Before?

To get the most out of your subscription, you’ll want to get the basics down first before attempting your project.  Many of the subscriptions offer tutorials and classes, and there are a number of free classes available online. It’s also best to start with an easier subscription box, such as Darn Good Yarn.

What Supplies Do I Need to Crochet?

The kits include yarns and patterns, but they don’t all come with crochet hooks, which is why it's important to check with each company before ordering. Other items you may need to purchase include scissors, yarn holders, and other project-specific accessories.

Can I Choose the Project That Comes in a Crochet Subscription Box?

Most subscription boxes (with a few exceptions) don’t let the subscribers choose the specific project they’d like to create. However, some offer kits designed for beginners or advanced crafters, so you’ll have some idea what types of projects to expect. Part of the fun with subscription boxes is being surprised every month.

How We Chose the Best Crochet Subscription Boxes

In selecting the best crochet subscriptions, we considered the price of the memberships in relation to the quality, quantity, and variety of what's in the box. All of the subscriptions we selected give back to the community, participate in sustainable efforts, or utilize recycled packaging and yarn. Since each crafter has a different level of crochet expertise, we included subscriptions aimed at beginners and intermediate levels in addition to factoring in customers’ reviews.