The Best Compostable Diaper Services of 2023

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Best Compostable Diaper Services

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Compostable diaper services simplify eco-friendly parenting by eliminating the need to wash and fold cloth diapers while reducing the number of diapers that go to landfills. And, although some compostable diapers include small amounts of plastic that should be removed before composting, most are primarily made from soft materials like bamboo, so they’re gentle on a baby’s skin.

These companies deliver, pick up, and compost your baby’s dirty diapers — all for a flat rate, plus the cost of diapers. Because of this, compostable diaper services are extremely location-specific. Not only is the idea of shipping a dirty diaper less than desirable, but it could substantially increase the carbon footprint of each diaper. For that reason, our best overall choice addresses these concerns with carbon offsets, while our other top picks leave diaper services in the hands of locals.

The Best Compostable Diaper Services

Best Overall: REDYPER by DYPER



REDYPER is a compostable diaper service offered by DYPER, a bamboo diaper company. Because of the nature of compostable diaper services, they are usually limited to a specific geographic area. REDYPER enables users to send back their used compostable diapers, where they are sorted and delivered to REDYPER’s composting facilities.

Subscriptions cost $89 per delivery providing four weeks' worth of diapers, depending on the child's needs and there are no commitments. Subscribers can also manage their preferences in their DYPER account or via email.

DYPER’s compostable diapers are free of chlorine, latex, alcohol, lotions, TBT, and Phthalates and are Standard 100 certified by OEKO-TEX (one of the most well-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances). In addition to reducing the number of diapers that go to landfills each month, DYPER is committed to addressing some of the main problems with compostable diapers. In fact, each shipment includes a free carbon offset to cover the environmental impact of shipping.

Why it's a fit for Treehugger: We chose REDYPER because it offers nationwide service and buys carbon credits to offset the environmental impacts of shipping.

Best in San Francisco: REDYPER Powered by EarthBaby



Founded in 2008, EarthBaby offers compostable diaper service in the San Francisco Bay area. The company also has a selection of wipes, bin liners, and other helpful products.

EarthBaby’s compost service costs about $34 plus tax each month, which includes the delivery, pick-up, and composting of the diapers. As with other options on our list, diapers and wipes must be purchased separately but there is not a minimum monthly order. Customers can also choose diapers from Nurture brands for $15.50/pack or DYPER brands which cost $13.50 per pack and $6.50 per pack of wipes.

Their average customer with a new baby will spend roughly $150 for the first month of service and $100-120 per month thereafter. These figures include both the cost of products and the $33.99 service fee (which covers four weeks of delivery, pick-up, and composting).

As with other options on our list, EarthBaby boasts excellent customer ratings on Facebook and elsewhere online. Parents report that the service is efficient and reliable and that the cost is more than justified by the added convenience and reduction of plastic waste.

Why it's a fit for Treehugger: We love EarthBaby because it is committed to providing more eco-friendly diaper options through an expanding service area.

How We Chose the Best Compostable Diaper Services

Because compostable diaper services are often hyper-local, it’s difficult to identify options that serve a large part of the country—or even a region. Where possible, we reviewed diaper services that are available nationally. When choosing local options, we considered cost, availability of service options, and customer reviews.

EarthBaby stood out for offering both cloth and compostable diapers as well as additional products.

REDYPER is our overall best compostable diaper service because it is the only full-service option with national coverage. However, being the only national option does not mean it isn’t a high-quality choice for parents. Not only does REDYPER work to direct diapers away from landfills, but the company also purchases carbon offsets to counter the environmental impacts of shipping.