This Is the Best Claw Game Prize Ever

Cat hides in claw game machine

The claw crane game is the bane of many an arcade goer's existence. The joystick always seems a little unresponsive, and the the delay when you line something up and push the button to lower the claw seems to thwart every attempt to win an adorable stuffed animal.

Or a live cat, apparently.

Yes, that's right, a live cat. This claw machine, possibly in Turkey if commenters on Reddit are to be believed, is where a cat likes to take its naps. And why not? These machines are filled with soft, plush pillows in the shapes of other animals. It's the perfect place for a little snooze.

It's so perfect, in fact, that the cat doesn't even get out of the machine after a player disturbs its siesta. It just yawns and curls back up into its perfectly camouflaged ball.

Sleep well, kitty. We hope someone doesn't spend $12 trying to get you out of there.