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Best Cabin Rental Agency

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Our Top Picks

If you’re looking for inspiring vacation ideas, cabin rental agencies can help you find the right rental property for your next trip, holiday weekend, or local staycation. Offering clean, high-quality, and well-priced accommodations, the best cabin rental agencies make it easy to choose a place to stay. 

To get the planning process started, we reviewed the best cabin rental agencies for Treehugger readers.

Best Overall: Airbnb



Why We Chose It: Airbnb stands out as our best overall pick because of the website’s intuitive search capabilities, a huge selection of cabins, and high-quality listings.

What We Like

  • - Large selection of cabins in markets across the country—and the world
  • - Intuitive search function and filters
  • - Superhost and Airbnb Plus designations make it easy to choose a high-quality cabin

What We Don’t Like

  • - Prices may be higher than accommodations offered through other platforms

Airbnb is a popular and easy-to-use online platform for finding unique cabins wherever you’re planning your next trip. The user-friendly search function makes it easy to find properties based on location, check-in dates, and the number of guests.

Once you find local properties, you can filter the results to zero in on unique properties like cabins, farm stays, and nature lodges. While prices are location- and property-specific, it’s always easy to see an estimated price, even if you aren’t sure when you want to book. 

Airbnb also makes it simple to find a high-quality cabin by choosing properties offered by Superhosts who are known for high guest ratings, low cancellation rates, and high response rates. Airbnb Plus cabins are also available and guarantee customers well-designed, fully-equipped, and impeccably maintained properties.

Best for Family-friendly Cabins: VRBO



Why We Chose It: If you’re looking for a spot for your next family vacation, VRBO is an excellent place to search for kid-friendly cabins and flexible booking options.

What We Like

  • - Listings provide details about on-site and family-friendly entertainment
  • - Property descriptions clearly indicate whether children are allowed
  • - Listings state how long you have to cancel registration without a penalty

What We Don’t Like

  • - Search tools are less robust than those offered by Airbnb

As one of the more well-known vacation rental sites, VRBO provides an easy way to search for family-friendly cabin rentals. When you’re ready to find a property, VRBO’s search function lets you browse by date, location, and the number of guests. You can then filter results to find cabins, amenities, and properties that are especially well-suited to children and families. 

Listings also provide details about how much seating there is for dining, whether there’s a game room and other kid-friendly entertainment, and what kind of outdoor spaces are located on-site. And, if kids aren’t allowed, the listing will tell you in the featured amenities section.

Like Airbnb’s Superhosts, VRBO also lets travelers know when a cabin is offered by a Premier Host with excellent reviews and low cancellation rates.

Best for Connecting With Nature: Getaway



Why We Chose It: Our number one pick for relaxing, nature-focused cabins is Getaway because of its beautifully-curated tiny cabins and well-appointed outdoor spaces.

What We Like

  • - Every cabin has its own outdoor space 
  • - Travelers don’t have to bring snacks or dinner—everything is available for free or purchase
  • - Getaway makes a donation to One Tree Planted for every reservation made

What We Don’t Like

  • - Locations are limited to Getaway Outposts

Getaway is a vacation rental brand that specializes in beautifully curated tiny cabins across roughly 30 outposts.

To enjoy the great outdoors, all cabins have a private fire pit, grilling grate, outdoor picnic table and chairs, firewood, and firestarters for purchase. Getaway’s cabins even keep you close to nature when you’re inside by always locating beds in view of a window and providing a cell phone lockbox for distraction-free relaxation. 

Inside, each cabin has one or two Queen beds, and a bathroom with a toilet, hot shower, towels, and natural and organic biodegradable shower essentials. Beyond basic amenities, cabins also come with snacks and simple meals that can be purchased for less than roughly $10, plus some free essentials.

To further simplify meals, every cabin’s kitchen includes a sink (with drinkable water), mini-fridge, stove, basic cooking tools, mugs, plates, and cutlery. Plus, every time someone books with Getaway, the company makes a donation to the charity One Tree Planted.

Best for Unique Stays: Glamping Hub



Why We Chose It: If you want a less traditional approach to cabin rentals, Glamping Hub is an ideal pick because travelers can choose from one-of-a-kind spaces like tented cabins, barns, and tiny houses.

What We Like

  • - Listings include traditional cabins as well as tented cabins, yurts, and other creative alternatives
  • - Property descriptions include details about local and on-site activities
  • - Travelers can search properties based on features like the availability of Wi-Fi

What We Don’t Like

  • - Travelers have to choose a date range to see a price range

Glamping Hub connects travelers with more unique accommodations, like cabins, tented cabins, yurts, and tiny houses.

Travelers can further filter results to find secluded cabins and truly unique properties like barns and treehouses. This makes Glamping Hub an excellent option for travelers who want to explore different types of rental properties and accommodations—not just traditional cabins.  

Travelers can also use Glamping Hub to search by price range, availability of Wi-Fi, and whether each cabin is pet-friendly. Once on a property listing page, you’ll be able to see details about basic features and amenities, as well as local and on-site activities. As with other rental agencies, you can also view details about the host and reviews from previous guests.

Best for Last-Minute Deals: HomeToGo



Why We Chose It: Vacation search engine HomeToGo stood out to us because it lets you search more than 2,000 rental partners to find the best cabin listing when you need it.

What We Like

  • - Travelers can see when there is increased availability in an area
  • - Easy to filter search results for cabins
  • - Searches more than 18,000 listings across the country

What We Don’t Like

  • - Listing details are more limited than on other platforms

HomeToGo differs from other cabin rental agencies on our list because it’s actually a search engine that combs thousands of sites for available listings.

Because of the large volume of properties (more than 18,000), travelers are more likely to find an available rental cabin at the last minute. The platform further simplifies last-minute searches by showing general availability data on the search calendar. Prospective renters can also opt for flexible dates to find the best prices and most extensive availability.

While listing descriptions are less robust than those on other websites, users can still view important property details and available amenities.

Final Verdict

For travelers who want relaxing accommodations off the beaten path, a cabin rental may provide the perfect getaway. Luckily, cabin rental agencies make it easy to search properties based on location, availability, price range, and amenities. 

Airbnb, our favorite cabin rental agency for Treehugger readers, makes choosing a vacation spot easy. Not only can travelers choose a specific type of property, they can filter results to include only well-reviewed Superhosts or beautifully designed Airbnb Plus properties. 

Where Are Cabin Rentals Available?

Cabin rentals are available across the country. Many cabin rentals are concentrated in mountain towns and other lower population areas, however, so search for available cabins before nailing down your next vacation spot. And, while some vacation properties may be listed as cabins, it’s best to carefully review the property description to make sure it can provide the cabin experience you’re looking for.

How Much Do Cabin Rentals Cost?

The cost of renting a cabin depends on a number of factors: the size and location of the property, the time of year, and how many visitors the cabin sleeps. Costs also vary based on how much privacy guests have and whether on-site activities or other amenities are included in the price. For example, renting a cabin in Asheville, NC in January might cost anywhere from roughly $50 to $200 a night, while renting the same cabin for a holiday weekend could cost about $300 or more.

What’s Included in a Cabin Rental?

Most cabin rentals just include sleeping accommodations, indoor restrooms, and, in most cases, a kitchen or other place to cook. That said, some cabin rentals offer a more comprehensive experience for travelers and may include curated outdoor spaces, on-site activities, or snacks and refreshments to enjoy during the stay. When searching for properties through a cabin rental agency, listings typically include details about available amenities. 

How We Chose the Best Cabin Rental Agencies

While there are hundreds of excellent regional and local cabin rental agencies, we selected the best cabin rental agencies by reviewing 15 rental platforms with listings nationwide. To find the best ones, we compared platforms based on the volume and availability of cabins, rental costs, customer reviews listing quality, and search tools.  And, to make sure you have the best experience possible, we reviewed agencies based on each website’s search tools, listing quality, and customer support options.