The 7 Best Bidet Seats of 2023

The TOTO Washlet C2 is our top overall pick.

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Best Bidet Seats

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Americans rely heavily on toilet paper to clean their backsides, bogging down sewage systems and leading to a host of environmental issues like energy waste and deforestation. However, there’s a bathroom revolution taking place as innovative bidets attempt to overthrow toilet paper and stake claim to the porcelain throne. 

Not only do bidets help reduce paper consumption, but they can also offer benefits to personal hygiene. Not to mention, they're especially useful during toilet paper shortages. Now, it’s easier than ever for consumers to convert their existing toilets into bidets, thanks to affordable bidet attachments (mounted to the toilet) and bidet seats (which replace the existing seat). 

While attachments are a more basic option, bidet seats are the next step up with luxuries like warm water sprayers, heated seats, self-cleaning, and even air dryers. Bidet seats can provide similar trendy features that more expensive, stand-alone bidet units offer (like touch-screen remotes and LED nightlights), but at a fraction of the cost. 

Here are the best bidet seats.

Best Overall

TOTO SW3074#01 WASHLET C2 Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

toilet seat bidet


After spending 40 years perfecting bidets, Toto has thought of everything when it comes to bathroom hygiene. The company’s first Washlet model came out in 1980, and today’s Washlets are turning the mundane call of duty into an experience in itself.

With plenty of features, the C2 is a middle-of-the-road option (in terms of pricing), with warm water sprays, a deodorizer, a heated seat, and an air dryer—eliminating the need for a washcloth or any toilet paper in order to dry off. Plus, the Washlet has several remote-controlled cleansing spray patterns and various pressures, so you don’t need to scoot up or down on the seat to rinse the right spot, making it our top overall pick.

"The visible controls are straightforward; a front and rear wash, and a dryer button. There is also a pressure adjustment and an oscillator button to shake it up a bit." ~ Treehugger Design Editor Lloyd Alter

Price at time of publish: $675

Best Budget

Alpha Bidet iX Hybrid Bidet Toilet Seat

Alpha Bidet


For a bidet seat with an abundance of extras yet a surprisingly affordable price, consider the Alpha Bidet iX Hybrid Bidet Toilet Seat. The remote-controlled seat has a ceramic core heating system that allows for warm water when you want it, plus stainless-steel nozzles with a self-cleaning mechanism and a power-saving setting.

Not to mention there are four wash modes: a rear wash, a front feminine wash, a child wash, and a “rear plus” wash that has a narrow, targeted spray for when a spot needs more attention. The glowing blue nightlight helps guide you—and guests in your home—to the bathroom during those sleepy midnight trips.

Price at time of publish: $243

Best Splurge

Kohler C3-230 Electric Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilets

Kohler Bidet Seat


With so many luxurious features and extra attention to sanitation, the C3-230 Electric Bidet Seat by Kohler makes trips to the toilet something to look forward to. An LED nightlight guides the way to the heated seat that’s ergonomically designed for extra comfort.

Kohler goes the extra mile to keep the bidet clean with a UV light that automatically sanitizes the sprayers, antimicrobial agents to keep mildew at bay, and a carbon filter for odor reduction. The touchscreen remote makes it easy to adjust water temperatures and pressures, plus there’s an energy-saving mode and a warm air dryer. The company even addressed the toilet lid, by adding a quiet-close concept to prevent it from slamming shut.

Price at time of publish: $798

Best Non-Electric

Brondell Swash Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Seat

Brondell Bidet


The Brondell Swash EcoSeat S102 is an excellent way to begin using bidet seats without too many bells and whistles, and it's ideal for those who lack an extra electrical outlet in their bathroom. The non-electric design costs about the same as a bidet attachment, but it avoids the awkward spacing between the seat and the rim that attachments can often create.

The EcoSeat S102 is easy to install, has rear and front spray options with pressure controls, a self-cleaning nozzle, and temperature adjustments for ambient or warm water (but connection to a hot water source is required). Although it doesn’t have electric remotes, heated seats, or nightlights, the Swash is affordable, durable, and effective.

Price at time of publish: $120

Best Self-Cleaning

Coway Bidetmega 400E Elongated-Electronic Bidet Seat

Coway Bidet


Many bidet seats offer a self-cleaning function, but the feature is often limited to nozzle sanitation. The Coway Bidetmega 400 extends this concept with a three-stage cleaning care system that automatically cleanses the bowl, water path, and nozzle to reduce any bacteria buildup—allowing even better hygiene.

The sprayer generates a multiple-stage wash, with nozzles that move back and forth to ensure a complete cleanse, plus the heated dryer will leave you with that fresh feeling. The wireless remote even features braille control buttons, with options to adjust the temperature, set the child wash or power-saving mode, or turn on the nightlight.

Price at time of publish: $599

Best Built-in Panel

Bio Bidet Slim Series Electric Smart Bidet Seat

Bio Bidet Slim Series Electric Smart Bidet Seat

Home Depot

Most of the newest bidet seats have luxurious features that are controlled by a remote, but if you prefer a built-in control panel, Bio Bidet’s Slim One is an excellent option. The roster of added conveniences includes a nightlight, a three-in-one wash nozzle (front, posterior, and turbo wash), and a power saver—all adjusted by a control panel that’s attached to the side. There’s also a child setting that automatically disperses a lower water temperature.

Bio Bidet also has a number of green initiatives underway such as committing its headquarters to solar power, using recyclable packaging for products (including the Slim One), and joining forces with Random Acts of Green.

Price at time of publish: $279

Best Sprayer

Omigo Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat

Omigo Luxury Bidet Seat


A trusted name in bidets, the Omigo Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat includes a whopping seven nozzle positions to choose from, in addition to three spray widths and three different pressure options. There’s also an active oscillation to target difficult spots and the water is aerated for a softer feel. The water is warmed on-demand, so you won't run out if you need a longer wash. When finished, a self-cleaning system uses silver ion sterilization on the spray nozzles.

The air dryer has three temperature settings, all controlled by a remote (that rests in a magnetic docking station when not in use), plus an activated carbon filter eliminates odors. Other highlights of the Omigo include an LED nightlight and heated seat with a skin safety sensor and adjustable temperature.

Price at time of publish: $499

Final Verdict

The Toto Washlet C2 is our top choice from an established company with 40 years in the business of bidets. If you’re searching for a lower-cost alternative, the Alpha Bidet iX Hybrid is an impressive product for less investment.

What to Consider When Buying a Bidet Seat

Size and Shape

Bidet seat manufacturers typically offer both elongated and round model options to fit most (but not all) toilet types. Before making a purchase, be sure to verify that the bidet seat is the correct size and shape to match your toilet.

Electrical Requirements

Be sure to check the seat's power connection requirements. Although the majority of bidet seats (with a few exceptions) require an electric outlet, most bidet attachments do not and can be a cost-effective alternative if your bathroom lacks extra outlets. 

Water Tank vs. Tankless

Tankless bidet seats warm water as you use it, and never run out. However, most bidet seats use a small tank that warms the water for each use, usually about a minute’s worth of spraying.


The types of controls used to operate a bidet seat can vary. Some models are controlled by a panel on the side of the seat or via a remote control, and some have both options. You may want to consider what’s most comfortable for you to use. 

You may even be able to use a single-button shortcut or set up preferences that will remember your preferred wash spray and duration. 

Warm Air Drying

Some high end bidet seat models, like the Kohler C3-230 that’s our pick for Best Splurge, have a warm air dry feature. This involves a spray arm that gently blows warm air to dry you after washing. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How does a bidet toilet seat work?

    A bidet seat replaces the traditional toilet seat by using a mounting bracket, thus eliminating the need for a separate, stand-alone bidet unit. The seat connects to an existing water line and generates a gentle stream of water to a person’s underside (although the pressure can be adjusted as needed).

    Depending on the type of bidet seat, the water may be warm or cool, and can often be adjusted to different angles. Once the rinse is complete, a person can simply pat the water dry using toilet paper or a washable cloth.

  • Are bidet seats sanitary?

    Yes, bidet seats are sanitary. The water used in a bidet is coming directly from the existing water line (not the toilet bowl or any other place people may imagine it coming from). Just like a traditional toilet, the bidet seat should be cleaned regularly, although many do include self-cleaning options. Because bidet seats offer a more complete cleanse than toilet paper, they are also more hygienic. 

  • Is it hard to install a bidet toilet seat?

    It is not difficult to install a bidet toilet seat and can be done without a need for a plumber or electrician. In most cases, it requires a few basic tools such as a screwdriver, wrenches, and a bucket or cloth for any excess water. Many bidet seat products include installation videos to help guide you through, but the entire process can usually be done in about 20 minutes.

    If you’re purchasing an electric bidet, be sure that there is an outlet near the toilet. 

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