The 8 Best Bidet Attachments of 2022

Bidets can help save water, toilet paper, and money.

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Many consumers are rethinking the use of toilet paper and making the switch to bidets—and with good reason. These useful bathroom devices have a number of benefits on the environment and on personal hygiene. It’s estimated that Americans use 34 million rolls of toilet paper per day, but bidets can reduce toilet paper use by 75 percent (or more). According to the National Resources Defense Council, bidets actually use less water than toilet paper because of how much water the tissue-making process requires.

The familiar, stand-alone bidets found in luxury hotels are being reimagined as innovative, space-saving products—and they’re gaining in popularity. One of the most cost-efficient types is a bidet attachment, a handy gadget that can be easily installed into an existing toilet. Typically, bidet attachments do not require electricity and consist of several variations including handheld devices, multiple rinse jets, or warm and cool water sprays.

Here are the best bidet attachments.

Best Overall: Tushy Spa 3.0

Tushy Spa

 Courtesy of Tushy

Control Type: Knob | Mount Location: Toilet seat and water supply under sink | Water Temperature Controls: Yes | Adjustable Spray Options: Yes

It’s not just the clever marketing that’s been catching the attention of consumers: Tushy’s products are well-designed and reasonably priced. The Tushy Spa builds upon its classic bidet attachment by adding an adjustable warm water option with temperature control (but the toilet must be located near the sink in order to connect to the heat).

The Tushy Spa requires no electricity, is easy to install, and also includes pressure and angle control. Several color options are available to give the toilet a little flair, including bamboo, gold, or bronze adjustment knobs. Tushy is a carbon-neutral company that supports three Verified Carbon Standard projects to help offset carbon emissions. In addition, a portion of Tushy’s proceeds goes toward the company’s Give Back Program.

Best Budget: Luxe Neo 120 Non-Electric Self-Cleaning Nozzle Universal Fit Bidet Toilet Attachment

Luxe Neo 120

 Luxe Neo

Control Type: Knobs | Mount Location: Toilet seat and water supply | Water Temperature Controls: No | Adjustable Spray Options: Yes

For those interested in testing the waters without investing too much, the Luxe Bidet Neo 120 is an affordable and simple but quality option. The non-electric bidet attachment has a single nozzle that retracts behind with a hygienic guard gate when not in use.

The Neo 120 is a cool-water bidet featuring several pressure settings, which can be adjusted with the chrome knob. As a bonus, it has a self-cleaning option and easy installation. With the money saved on toilet paper, this attachment easily pays for itself. The display is available in blue or white.

Good to Know

Bidet attachments are a great way to get started with bidets, but if you’re willing to spend a little more, bidet toilet seats often come with added features for even more comfort on “the John.”

Best Dual Nozzle: GenieBidet Ultra Thin Toilet Attachment


Courtesy of Amazon

Control Type: Knob | Mount Location: Toilet seat and water supply | Water Temperature Controls: No | Adjustable Spray Options: Yes

While many bidet attachments offer a single jet stream, the Genie Bidet has dual retractable nozzles for both feminine and rear cleansing, plus a self-cleaning option. The Genie Bidet has an ultra-thin design, eliminating any space between the seat and the toilet—so there isn’t a feeling that you’re sliding forward during use.

The bidet can also be adjusted to get the right angle, and a sleek-looking knob makes it easy to control the power of the cleansing spray. When not in use, a hybrid T-connector allows the water supply to be turned off—an added feature of the Genie Bidet. The kit also includes a travel bidet for when you want to feel fresh away from home.

Best Sprayer: Raw Living Essentials Premium Bidet Sprayer

Raw Living Essentials Bidet

Courtesy of Amazon

Control Type: Handheld lever | Mount location: Wall or tank | Water Temperature Controls: No | Adjustable Spray Options: Yes

Built from high-grade 304 stainless steel, the Raw Living Essentials Premium Bidet Sprayer Kit works as a cloth diaper cleaner, pet washer, or handheld bidet. Dual pressure modes allow the user to switch between gentle or deep-cleaning options. The handheld bidet can be mounted to the wall, or the holder can easily be attached over the side of the toilet tank.

Tested to withstand high pressure, the Premium Bidet Sprayer is durable, leakproof, and rust-resistant. As an environmentally conscious company, Raw Living Essentials donates a portion of every purchase toward protecting endangered animals.

Best Left-Handed: Brondell SouthSpa Left-Handed Bidet

Brondell Left Hand Bidet

Courtesy of Amazon

Control Type: Knob | Mount Location: Toilet seat and water supply | Water Temperature Controls: No | Adjustable Spray Options: Yes

While most bidet attachments are aligned to fit on the right side of the toilet, Brondell has designed an attachment that lefties will love. It’s also a great choice if your bathroom is too tight on space to accommodate anything extra on the right.

The Brondell left attachment is available in several different designs depending on your price bracket and what bells and whistles you’re interested in. The SouthSpa Dual Temperature and Dual Nozzle version is the most extensive, with adjustments for hot- or cold-water temperatures, front or rear spray angles, retractable nozzles, and a self-cleaning setting.

Best for Night Use: Bio Bidet SlimGlow

Bio Bidet Slim Glow

Courtesy of Amazon

Control Type: Knob | Mount Location: Toilet seat and water supply | Water Temperature Controls: No | Adjustable Spray Options: Yes

Bio Bidet has a range of bidet products, but the SlimGlow builds upon its previous models with an ultra-thin design, dual nozzles, and battery-powered night light. At just a half-inch thick, the non-electric SlimGlow easily slips under the seat of an existing toilet, and the dual nozzles offer a universal wash and a feminine cleanse with adjustable spray pressure.

The highlight of the SlimGlow is the battery-powered nightlight that makes the midnight trips to the bathroom a little easier with illuminated colored indicator lights.

Best Handheld: RinseWorks Aquaus 360 Patented Handheld Bidet Sprayer



Control type: Handheld lever | Mount Location: Wall or tank | Water Temperature Controls: No | Adjustable Spray Options: Yes

Handheld bidets allow more control over the spray angle and can also be used to rinse the toilet bowl after use. There are several options on the market with a sink-sprayer design, but the RinseWorks stands out in that it is pressurized and specifically constructed to function as a bidet.

The long handle means users aren’t reaching in the toilet bowl to get the desired angle, and the pressure flow switch is smoothly controlled with your thumb. For added flexibility, the bidet can also be used upside down. RinseWorks is a US-based company.

Best Durable: Omigo Element +

OMIGO Element Plus

Courtesy of OMIGO

Control Type: Knob | Mount Location: Toilet seat and water supply | Water Temperature Controls: Yes | Adjustable Spray Options: Yes

For a high-quality attachment that’s built to last, the Omigo Element + is made from durable materials like ABS plastic with a ceramic core internal valve, plus additional stainless steel warm and cool water T-valves. Measuring just a quarter-inch thick, the Element + is one of the thinnest models on the market (so there’s no unnecessary space between the seat and the bidet), and retractable nozzles hide away when not in use to keep everything sanitary.

The dual temperature knob makes it easy to switch from cool to warm water (but access to the sink link is required for this function), and front and rear pressurized sprays ensure a complete, targeted rinse.

Final Verdict

Our top pick is the Tushy Spa (available at, which features a warm water rinse, varying pressure options, and a stylish design. For a more affordable option that’s perfect as an introduction to bidets, Luxe Bidet’s Neo 120 (available on Amazon) has all the essentials without a high price tag.


How do you install a bidet attachment?

Bidet attachments are very easy to install. First, turn the water off and flush the toilet to empty the tank. Then, disconnect the water supply hose and place a towel or small bucket under the hose to collect any water that may leak. Attach the included adapter hose to the toilet, then reattach the supply hose to that adapter. 

Using a screwdriver, remove the existing toilet seat and line up the bidet attachment, then reattach the toilet seat on top of it. Connect the water hose to the bidet attachment, then turn the water back on. The entire process takes about 20 minutes. 

How do bidet attachments work?

Bidet attachments are thin, typically plastic devices that slide underneath an existing toilet seat, unlike bidet seats that replace the toilet seat completely. They are an affordable way to transform your existing toilet into a bidet by connecting it to an existing water line.

After turning a knob or pressing a button, the attachment generates a (typically cool) stream of water to a seated person’s bottom (although a few offer a heated water option). After rinsing, simply pat the water dry using toilet paper or a washable cloth. 

Are bidet attachments sanitary? 

Like bidet seats, bidet attachments are sanitary and provide a more thorough wash of a person’s bottom side than wiping with toilet paper. The water used in a bidet wash is coming directly from your existing water line. Like any bathroom accessory or device, bidet attachments should be cleaned regularly, but some do offer a self-cleaning setting.

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