Ben the Dog and Duggie the Dolphin Show What Friendship Is All About

Ben the Labrador retriever goes missing every day for about four hours. He leaves his home on Tory Island in Ireland and heads towards the sea.

But this unusual ritual doesn't worry his owner, Pat Doohan, because he knows Ben is just visiting his best friend.

As Ben reaches the water, he's greeted by an energetic dolphin named Duggie. Ben will paddle out to the ocean so he and his pal can catch up and play in the water.

Sometimes, they even swim together to the point of exhaustion for poor Ben. Duggie, being the best friend that he is, will carry Ben to the dock to make sure he gets home safely.

The friendship between Ben and Duggie has grown to legendary status over the past decade. And it all started when Doohan and others around town became curious after the dog started disappearing so often.

Now, everyone just enjoys watching man's best friend share the love.

Locals say they believe Duggie lost his partner years ago, and that's when Ben swam in to help him cope emotionally. Whatever theory you support, this is a beautiful example of friendship we can all learn from.