Ben Affleck's Batman Body to Have 'Real-Life Superhero Look'

Ben Affleck will rock a superhero body for his outing as Batman. (Photo: Gage Skidmore [CC by 2.0]/Wikimedia Commons)

With production on the tentatively titled "Batman vs. Superman" set to kick off sometime this month, we're starting to get more hints on everything from what the new Batsuit might look like to Ben Affleck's intense preparations for the role.

The 41-year-old has been training for several months now with natural bodybuilder and celebrity nutritionist Rehan Jalali - the same man who helped Affleck achieve the ripped look for his 2008 hit "The Town."

In a live Q&A; session on Twitter, Jalali answered a question about the type of physical transformation Affleck is aiming for saying:

When asked to reveal more, Jalali said that it's all "top secret" but very "focused and intense."

In an 2010 interview between Affleck and Jalali, the actor admitted that his diet was the most important aspect of getting into shape for roles. Avoiding junk food, anything with lots of dairy and oil and focusing on "clean chicken breast, clean vegetables, egg whites and brown rice and baked potatoes" was key. Affleck also credited his wife actress Jennifer Garner with helping him adhere to a healthy diet at home.

"My main weakness is eating a lot of breads. I'll eat some fish and chicken with some nice seasonings and vegetables and eat generally light fare - and you can eat a fair amount of that. And that's a variety - and you can do okay and stay lean. My problem is just eating a huge amount of breads and carbs, because I could fall down and eat the whole bread basket."

Switching gears, we're also starting to hear more about the new Batsuit - with designer Michael Wilkinson calling it "logical."

"I talked a lot with Zack Snyder," he told Esquire. "He has such a great vision for this film, the cinematic universe that we're creating together with the production designer and the cinematographer. It has a logic to it. It's very tight. It's a very gritty, real, contemporary world. That's what I had in the back of my mind when I tried to think of a Batman that works for that universe."

Like the Superman suit he designed for "Man of Steel," Wilkinson said he expects images of his official Batman suit to hit the Internet in advance of the actual film.

"I know last time when we worked on Man of Steel we released an image of the Superman suit well before the movie was released," he said. "That gives us a chance to really control that shot, to light it and make it look exactly how we want it to look. I'm sure they're going to release them well before the film."

"Batman vs. Superman" is due for release on May 6, 2016