Behold, the DIY Treadmill Desk

Photo: Melissa Hincha-Ownby.

My dad is the king of reuse. In high school when multi-level locker shelves were all the rage, my dad turned scraps of aluminum into an adjustable double-decker locker shelf; I had the coolest locker on campus. This week he put on his reuse king crown yet again. This time he made me a treadmill desk.

Earlier this week I called my dad and asked him if he had a board he wasn’t using. This isn’t a conversation we have often so he asked me what I needed it for. I told him I wanted a treadmill desk; I already have a treadmill and so I figured that I could just toss a board across the arms of the treadmill and I’d have a cheap DIY treadmill desk. He told me to send the dimensions over and he’d make one for me.

When he showed up yesterday with my desk I was giddy with excitement. I didn’t just have a board; I had a custom treadmill desk made out of scrap items. My dad cut an old piece of board down to the right size and then stapled some scrap material to it; a plain board just isn’t good enough for his daughter.

He then secured some scrap plastic tubing on the backside of the board a few inches from each end. When I saw the plastic I knew my dad was a genius — the plastic tubing prevents the board from sliding too far to the left or right. When the board is holding a MacBook Pro with Retina display stability is important.

When I got the idea to make a DIY treadmill desk, I just wanted a board that would fit across the width of the treadmill arms but what I got was a bit of reuse brilliance. Thanks Dad!