10 Fabulously Flamboyant Roosters That Defy the Norm

From moptops and pompoms to elegant and edgy, celebrate the Year of the Rooster with these beautiful breeds. Every 12 years, nestled between a Monkey year and a Dog year, arrives the Year of the Rooster. Those born under the sign of the rooster share some of the same traits as their namesake mascot – they are said to have a strong sense of self, dress nicely and be excellent timekeepers. So in honor of all you roosters out there, and in celebration of the new year for all, we present some of the most fabulously "dressed" alarm clocks on the planet: The fancy roosters.

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Silkie Bantam

credit: Aaron Jacobs/Flickr

First off, a far cry from Foghorn J. Leghorn is this beautifully elegant Silkie Bantam from Australia. Who needs a cat when you can have a Silkie? Bonus points for the Silkie's black skin and bones, blue earlobes, and five toes per foot. Swoon!

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Posavina Crested

credit: Tórizs István

Oh those fabulous pom-pom bouffants, this lovely couple, complete with fancy crests, comes from the Posavina region of Croatia.

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Frizzled White Polish

credit: Ann (Helen) Devereux

Oh this bird has some frizzle! The "frizzle gene" likely originated in Asia as frizzled chickens with their curly feathers have been reported from the Far East since the 18th century. In some parts of the world frizzle chickens are their own breed, while elsewhere it can be a part of other breeds – like this Polish breed ... complete with frizzle.

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Crested Polish

credit: MISHELLA

Another beautiful Polish rooster, this one without frizzle, just the typically exuberant crest that the breed is known for. The origins of this fancy fowl is not known exactly – it could be from Poland as the name would suggest, or the Netherlands. One theory speculates that the breed's forefathers were brought to Eastern Europe by Mongols during medieval times. Wherever they are from, they remain a wonderfully flamboyant breed that is loved by many enthusiasts.

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Golden Dutch Bantam

credit: DutchAir

This gorgeous guy is a classic Dutch Bantam of the golden variety. What long sleek feathers, beautiful color and regal bearing he has. Originating in the Netherlands, this breed is one of the true bantam breeds – and seriously, he looks like he'd be right at home in a painting from the Dutch Golden Age. Hens of this breed are said to be especially good at laying; and the breed in general is known to thrive on love and affection.

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Ayam Cemani

credit: Mark Hope/Flickr

If this incredible breed from Indonesia is any indication, then black is definitely the new black. The deep inky hue of the Ayam Cemani is more than meets the eye – not only are its feathers and visible features a shimmering metallic black, but even its muscles, organ and bones are black as night!

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Frizzled Gold-Laced Polish

credit: yourchickens.co.uk

Another Polish, this one of the gold-laced and frizzled variety. And boasting a crest so exuberant it resembles a giant dahlia. The laced pattern created by feathers traced in black makes for a remarkable display when combined with the curl of the frizzle feathers.

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Golden Phoenix

credit: Lucas Beno

The legendary ancient Japanese breed of Onagadori chicken was famed for a tail reaching unthinkable lengths of up to 27 feet! Bred as a European counterpart to the great Onagadori, the Phoenix is descended from the latter breed with the aim of maintaining another breed of long-tailed fowl. Unlike the Onagadori, however, the Phoenix molts each year resulting in still-impressive tail and saddle feathers up to 18 inches long. And on another note, the Phoenix is said to make a great watch dog!

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Silver-Laced Polish

credit: Flatrock

This silver-laced Polish is just exquisite. And if the chicken love child of Phyllis DIller and Cruella De Vil comes to mind for you, you're not alone.

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Silkie Hens

credit: Pet Chicken

And last but oh so certainly not least, a pair of lap dogs. I mean Silkie hens. Because, look at them! But also because it may be Year of the Rooster, but the Chinese the term is more gender generic and fowl of either sex may be included for the honor. Related stories:16 dazzling facts about hummingbirds6 fascinating facts about chickens14 of North America's most endangered birds