You Know It's Winter When It Snows in the Desert

Wonderful snow in the desert. Sue Pollock

It's been a strange winter, with a polar vortex and other storm systems popping up across the country.

The ice and snow even found its way to the California desert. Even Yucca Valley, which lies east of Los Angeles and just outside the boundaries of Joshua Tree National Park, got some snow — and it led to some incredible photos.

Travelers and nearby residents posted photos all over social media of these desert landscapes.

It's a beautiful sight to see the sun rise over the desert horizon, its rays reflecting off the white snow.

Cacti and other vegetation sport a blanket of white powder draped over their limbs, and the clear blue sky offers a stark contrast.

The incredible visuals captured across Joshua Tree National Park and the surrounding areas during this winter spell almost look like paintings.

The U.S. is preparing for the back nine of winter, but so far, this season has created some memorable sights.