The Beautiful Awake Watch Is an Impressively Eco-Friendly Timepiece

©. Awake (used with permission)

Built to last using sustainably sourced materials, Awake offers luxury-brand quality at a reasonable price point.

Two young French entrepreneurs say they have designed the world's most eco-friendly watch, and if you take a look at what they've done, you'll probably agree. The Awake Watch is not only beautiful to look at and impressively versatile for every situation, whether you're hiking in the rain or attending an important meeting, but it's made entirely from sustainably sourced materials.

There are four different wrist bands. The standard band is made from recycled plastic, sourced from water bottles collected in Southeast Asia and Japan. As production ramps up, the company plans to remove 20 tons of plastic from ocean waters annually, through band production and beach cleanup efforts. From the campaign description:

"We turn the plastic into pellets, and then into nylon yarn. We create our straps directly from rolls of this material, which is made using no chemical dyes, and is certified by the Global Recycled Standard label. This strap has a story to tell, and that is why we called it Phoenix."

An upgrade can get you a vegetable-tanned leather strap, made in France using fine Italian leather; a 100% natural rubber strap scented with vanilla; or a recycled stainless steel mesh band in gold, silver, or black.

Awake Watch with rubber strap

© Awake (used with permission)

Perhaps most appealing is that the watch is powered by solar energy, requiring no battery, which means no waste or repair needed. Three hours' wear on your wrist (indoor or outdoors) is enough to provide six months of charge. "In simple words: it’s perpetual energy on your wrist."

The watch face features beautiful etchings meant to evoke underwater and mountainous terrain, and features luminous numbers and hands that are clearly visible in low light settings. As a representative for Awake told TreeHugger over email,

"All steel parts (case, hands, case back are in recycled 316L steel) and strap (in recycled plastic). Only the dial is not recycled as their is no sourcing at the moment. The solar movement is not recycled, but its lifetime is around 20 years, and it works without disposable batteries that normally need to be replaced every two years."

It is unusual to encounter a product that ticks all the eco-friendly boxes, while looking and feeling like a luxury item. UberGizmo wrote in its review of the Awake watch:

"Many eco-friendly products feel inferior, and it is a bit like you have to tolerate it to contribute to making the world a slightly cleaner place. Awake explicitly wanted to avoid this and carefully picked the quality of their materials."
brown Awake watch

© Awake (used with permission)

On that note, it's also impressive that the price tag is as reasonable as it is ($229 for base model), considering the R&D; and careful sourcing that has gone into production. Clearly, a great many supporters agree. The Kickstarter campaign launched in July with an original goal of $30,000, but it has now exceeded that by 925 percent, raising over $286,000. You can get in on the action for another 3 days, or wait until the next collection launches.