Beat the Heat With Air Conditioned Pants

air conditioned pants
Promo image. Kuchofuku

Kuchofuku/Promo image

There are some at TreeHugger who think that dressing appropriately for summer means shorts and linen and loose clothing and learning from how people have lived in other hot countries. But there are others of us pecking away at our MacBooks, extolling the virtues of electric cars and smart grids and how technology will save us.

That's why I love these air conditioned cooling pants from Japan; they are a living testament to Rex Tillerman of ExxonMobil's mantra for the warming world, "We'll adapt." No need to show anyone your knobby knees, you can dress the same as anyone, anywhere.

Carefully crafted from 65% organic polyester, the pants have "a battery-powered fan set that hangs on the outside of the pants so it doesn't add any real bulk or weight, all the while keeping you cool as you go about your work in the blazing heat."

It's ball-bearing fan is powered by a rechargeable ion battery (3-7.4V) made from hand-picked Peruvian lithium. Perfect for walking from your home or office to your car, you will never sweat again! Buy them at the Japan Trend Shop. of US$208.


If you are going formal, be sure to add your USB Powered Necktie Fan!


And if you run out of batteries, don't forget your Air Conditioner in a Can from Japan