Bear Invites Himself Over for a Hot Tub Session and a Few Slurps of Margarita

A California was unwinding in the yard on a hot Friday afternoon, when he received an unexpected guest. Ghost Bear/Shutterstock

A Southern California man's afternoon margarita session was rather brazenly interrupted by a bear hellbent on hydration.

As he perched in his backyard, cradling his beloved beverage, Mark Hough heard a crunching of twigs and a rustling of leaves, The Associated Press reports.

Then came the very large bear.

"There's a bear climbing up over my fence," Hough recalled to the news agency earlier this week.

Recognizing that it was a particularly torrid day in Altadena, Hough calmly evacuated the yard to let the newcomer avail himself of the amenities.

And the bear, literally, dove right in.

"He was playing, having a grand old time," Hough noted.

Indeed, the unexpected guest spent hours ambling in and out of the yard, rummaging through the bushes, while Hough sagely stayed inside, recording the scene on video.

Then the bear showed his soft side, slipping into the bubbling Jacuzzi, outstretching his weary arms — and let's face it, channeling anyone who's ever capped a long day by melting into a hot tub.

A few minutes later, the soaking wet bear emerged from his bath, knocked over Hough's margarita with a mighty slap and lapped up the punchy contents.

We've seen bears go to great lengths to find food. And sadly, even smash their way into homes and pizza joints, to find food. A bear's sense of smell is so powerful, they're said to be able to detect an animal carcass from as far as 20 miles away.

But tequila, triple sec and fresh lime?

It's possible this bear may already be wise to the ways of humans. As ABC7 reports, he did have a red tag on his ear. That would suggest the bear is being tracked for research or conservation purposes.

For his part, Hough lost track of the bear about an hour after the tequila-tossing incident. (Maybe the bear was writing a rosy Yelp review of the experience?)

Then Hough heard another sound, this time from up in a tree.

The bear was sleeping like a giant, fur-covered baby.

"So he had his margarita, he had his Jacuzzi, and now he's ready for an hour nap," he told AP. "It was an interesting Friday, to say the least."