Be Your Own Nature Sounds DJ With Free Audio Mixer

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image via screengrab on Nature Sounds

While back we showed you an iPhone app that lets you customize nature sounds to chill out to. You could choose a basic theme, like the ocean, and boost up the crashing waves or tone down the seagull calls to get just the right mix to create a personalized relaxing soundscape. For those of us who aren't iPhone users, we now have a similar free tool for our computers thanks to Nature Sounds. Nature Sounds is a free audio player website with a great library of, you guessed it, nature sounds. Listeners can focus in on certain themes, like weather for those who like listening to thunder storms, or animals for those who enjoy the murmur of crickets and frogs.

You just click a dropdown box to select the audio style, then mix up the levels of different elements of the theme. You can listen on the computer, or export the mix to your Mp3 player.

Listening to nature sounds can be extraordinarily soothing, and can boost your health. While it doesn't replace the therapeutic experience of actually going outside, it certainly can't hurt to mellow out while stuck at an office desk or waiting room.