Yellow is the New Green: The Pee Tree Provides Convenient Urban Collection

pee-tree designers photo

Here is the perfect thing for TreeHugger Sami's front yard: a Pee Tree. We talk a lot about pee on TreeHugger; how it is full of useful phosphorus, how yellow is the new green. What a shame to waste it on urban walls and in corners when cities could install designer Joa Herrenknecht's Pee Tree. It is also a new form of urban communications medium.

pee-tree model image

Joa Herrenknecht writes:

The "Pee-tree" urinal has the abstracted form and the dimensions of a tree. It's bright ceramic white is a strong signal and is to be seen from far - making it accessible when in urgent need. The trunk offers a perfect place for messaging, e.g. the common "I was here" or "done that" statements, which we all know from Club-toilets.

More at PeePee, via The Design Blog, who link to another interesting idea for urban urine collection.

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