William Hsu's UnBathroom Emergency Toilet

Unbathroom better.jpg

When curators at London's Design Museum asked international designers to select a product that both cost less than £10 and represented good design, Cameron Sinclair, founder of Architecture for Humanity, didn't hestitate to throw the concept in the crapper. Or perhaps we should say that he threw a crapper into the concept when he chose William Hsu's biodegradable UnBathroom for the exhibit. Made of cardboard, the unique toilet, which has won a slew of awards, is meant to be used in emergency situations (we're assuming that means natural disasters and such and not, like, when you need to pull over on the highway--but heck, it could work for that, too). When the liners are all used up, the base, which also packs flat for shipping, can be used as fuel. Pisser idea! Via Core77 ::Design Museum [by MO]