Wax Nostalgic: Vodka Cleantini, Shaken Not Stirred

Reaction to Treehugger postings on "how to" have been exceedingly positive, but some of us can't find the time to go back to basics on every household need. If making your own soaps from all natural ingredients slipped off your "to do" list this week: stop beating yourself up and visit Wax Nostalgic, a UK based website shipping throughout the European Union (other international shipments only with special arrangements). Here you will find a collection of interesting cleaning products described with honesty and intelligence...and even if you are not in the target shipping market, see below for some tantalizing tidbits which Treehuggers of every nation may enjoy.
Wax Nostalgic recognizes that "natural" is not the equivalent of "harmless". Under "important info", customers are offered tips to protect people with higher potential for chemical sensitivity--such as, substitute the Vodka Cleantini for the Godfather Antibacterial Spray if you are pregnant due to the risks of the essential oil of thyme used as the biocidal agent in the powerful maffioso cleaner.

Wax Nostalgic has covered all the key sustainability indicators: in addition to offering products formulated with environmental sensitivity, the packaging is selected to be chlorine free, the packing pellets are biodegradable and the company contributes a portion of the proceeds of sales to charities of their choice. Also worth a look, even if you are not in WN's geographical market: Wax Nostalgic offers a "diary" with interesting rants and reflections on the state-of-the-art in formulation philosophy. Especially interesting are the article on why the natural antibacterial products are not suspected of causing "superbugs" (biocide-resistant bacteria) and a very readable essay into the merits and demerits of those long-name chemicals in fine print on the labels.

In addition to a wide range of products, Wax Nostalgic also distributes Organic Castile Soaps and Citra-clean products mentioned previously by Treehugger.