Waterless Urinal System

black urinal.jpg
We recently reported on another waterless urinal that uses a recyclable cartridge and doesn't waste precious water. Seems the trend is being flushed out, as we've discovered yet another company with a similar product... Readymade-types will have to replace the title of "Fountain" if they want to turn to the Waterless Urinal System into Dadaist art. Perhaps "In Advance of a Soggier Planet" would do, as this baby doesn't use a single drop of H2O. Made from gel-coated fiberglass (ok—we know fiberglass isn't great, but we've got a point here), this "granite" urinal sends everything down the drain without leaving any residue, and in the meantime saves millions of liters of potable water each and every day. Thanks for the potty tip Richard LaRue. ::Waterless Urinals [by MO]