Watch A Latrine Get Built In 51 Seconds

building a latrine photoOxfam International/Screen capture

Assuming bathrooms are something we're all grateful for, since it's Thanksgiving and all, here's a chance to step back for some perspective and appreciate not only our own facilities, but ongoing efforts to improve health and sanitation around the world.

Here's a time-lapse video showing the construction of a latrine from the very beginning to finish. Reuters AlertNet posted this video from Oxfam Canada and it's pretty neat, so we're sharing it here, too:

It takes place in a district of Sindh, a province in southeast Pakistan that's been devastated by the recent floods, and is one of 92 villages Oxfam identified to work in.

The AlertNet story says 244 emergency latrines were installed at a cost of 2,000 rupees, or $22.80, each.

Watch A Latrine Get Built In 51 Seconds
Time-lapse video shows the construction of a latrine in rural Pakistan -- from before the hole is dug until the doors are hung on each 'stall.'

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