VivaTerra Launches New Collection


If you've been reading TreeHugger for awhile, you know how much we love VivaTerra. Between our Top 5 Finds, the Earth Platter and Recycled Honeycomb Bowls, VivaTerra has something for everyone. Now, in the newest catalog they introduce a new vetiver and teak bath collection and a variety of artisan wood home furnishings from tables to lanterns, along with dozens of new products. According to a VivaTerra, "Since ancient times in India and Indonesia the gentle yet deeply penetrating scent of vetiver, a naturally aromatic root and wild grass, has been valued for its healing and relaxing powers." The new collection includes a bath mat, tissue box cover, waste basket and colorful balls and all release a delightfully woody, citrus scent that helps turn any bathroom into a soothing atmosphere. The teak mat, stool and ladder (with removable shelf) in VivaTerra's new Teak Collection offer a place to stand, sit, and hang towels while storing bathroom items as well. Every piece is made from certified, sustainable teak. Now with your purchase of $75 or more, VivaTerra will make a donation to plant a tree or help build a windmill. ::VivaTerra