Vegan Hemp Candles


Like Soylab and Madisyn Taylor these candles are made from soy wax as well. But what makes these candles different is that they are made with a 100% hemp wick that is unbleached and undyed. Some cotton wicks have lead or other toxic metal cores and most are bleached with chlorine, which adds more unnatural toxic compounds. These candles are also 100% vegan, meaning they do not contain petroleum, animal products, synthetic fragrances, fixatives or chemical glosses and involved no cruelty to animals. Made from renewable plant wax they are biodegradable and clean burning unlike paraffin wax. As far as the scent goes, synthetic fragrances add to the toxins and soot emitted into the air of your home from burning candles – not so sweet smelling after all. But these candles are made from 100% essential oils and are available in six yummy scents. One last little tidbit to convince you – profits from these candles help support the environment and help fight animal cruelty. $15-$18 [by KD]