The touchless toilet: hot or not?

touchless toilet
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A lot of people who write about bathroom design are excited by this new Kohler touchless toilet concept, where instead of flushing with the usual lever, you just wave your hand over the top of the tank. You can buy a toilet with it or buy the kit for a hundred bucks and retrofit your existing toilet. Kohler says "no touch means fewer germs to pick up or leave behind."

I wonder. In the loud video, they show someone waving their hand over the toilet and then walking away, rather than toward the sink. Washing your hands after you use the toilet is critically important not because of the germs you might pick up by touching the handle but because of the fecal bacteria of your own that might be spread. If you are going to wash your hands after you use the toilet, then what is the point of this?

kohler bathroom© Kohler

A recent article in Medical News Today noted that just 5% of people wash their hands long enough to destroy infectious germs after using the bathroom. I can't help but wonder if that rate will go down even further if people think they are picking up fewer germs from the toilet.

Hot or not? (I usually title these Hit or Miss but that seemed inappropriate for a toilet question)

The touchless toilet: hot or not?
You don't have to touch this toilet to flush it; you just wave your hands over it. But is it a good idea or just more electronic waste?

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