Tiara Showers - Two Heads are Better than One

One of the simplest ways to make a green contribution is to reduce the energy and water load of your household. We've all heard the oft quoted answer to this dilemma: "shower with a friend!" The Australian made Tiara showerhead allows you to do this easily and still save hot water. It comes with two adjustable heads, that can be used alone or together, If a conventional showerhead uses 25 litres per minute, the Tiara can drop this to 4.4 litres/min for the one head and 8.8 ltr/min in dual mode. (The water is aerated to give you the same feel of water volume, without the overconsumption). Use one head for yourself and the other to wash your child ... or share with your significant other. Made of brass and rubber, the Tiara is said not to corrode or leak. ::Tiara Showers