The Razor Saver: Sharpen Your Used Razors


We've previously tackled the shaving dilemma, but that was before we'd seen the Razor Saver, which might just be one of the handiest gadgets we've ever seen. This baby claims to sharpen your used disposable razor heads for up to 130 shaves (!); using their math, that's a 75% reduction. While everybody's shaving habits are different, one thing's for sure: that sure beats the heck out of the measly number of shaves you get (without sharpening) before the blade is as dull as a butter knife and worthless. Seems it's as easy as this: "Just insert a razor head and draw the old blade across the Razor Saver - it will be like new." It works with any regular or disposable razor, men's or women's, with a single or double blade. Last we checked, a refill pack of four cartridges was nearly as much as the Razor Saver's $12 US price tag, so use it once or twice and it'll have paid for itself. Available from Sustainable Village (or here for wholesale orders) via Ideal Bite

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