The H2Orb Flushes Your Leaky Toilet Troubles Away

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It's easy to ignore, that little ripple of water in your toilet tank that you think might be a leak, but you don't have time and you're really not sure. The next time you pop a squat, there it is again, mocking you, taunting you but you figure you'll remember to pick up a new flapper the next time you're out at the store. What if there was something that could alert you to the problem and stop it instead of waiting for you to get around to fixing it?

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The H2Orb claims to do just that. According to the EPA, "between 30 and 500 gallons are wasted every day by small silent leaks the size of a staple", in toilets around the world. Maybe you're out of town for the weekend to come home and find that a pipe has busted and your toilet has overflowed. Maybe you have young children that like to fill the toilet full of paper and you never notice until too late. Or maybe you just have an old, leaky toilet that you'd rather not replace but you're not sure how to fix. This little gadget might be the trick to at least monitor your wastewater patterns. You use systems to monitor your energy consumption in your home, why not a system to monitor your water consumption.

How Does the H2Orb Work?
If it detects a leak, its smart valve will stop the flow of water to the tank. If your tank is too full, the H2Orb will shut water off so that you can't even flush a second time, preventing an overflow. The Orb also has an audible alarm that will alert you to a problem in your tank and a control panel that will easily identify the problem for you.

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The orb itself sits outside of your tank on the water line pipe that connects the water coming from your bathroom wall into your toilet tank. You then install a sensor inside the toilet bowl and a sensor inside the tank which beam water levels to the Orb and let it know if your water level is too low or too high or just right. If it does alert you to a problem, it will be up to you to fix it or find someone who can. While the Orb can shut off your water at the valve before it enters the tank, the H2Orb can't fix the problem, just alert you to the fact that you are wasting water and losing money.

This is another invention as a result of a need. A nursing home facilities director, unable to find a good replacement to stop overflowing toilets, set out to design a product that would fill this need. The result is the H2Orb. You can find the H2Orb online retailing for USD$127 and right now it comes with free shipping. H2Orb
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