Take a tour of Lloyd Alter's Bathroom

from the bedroom
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Previously on TreeHugger I tried to answer the question Why am I building such a weird bathroom? Now the CBC radio show The Current looks at the issue of bathroom design, with Shannon Higgins and Kristin Nelson interviewing me and also talking to a high end designer, an expert on Alexander Kira (who looked at how bathroom fixtures actually worked and was appalled, more here in Alexander Kira and Designing For People, Not Plumbing)

It's the one room we all use, for the one function we don't wanna talk about. Today, our project 'By Design' confronts The Bathroom. From hygiene to ergonomics to waste disposal and water usage, many experts have a bone to pick with bathroom design. We look at what can be done to take our lavatories into the 21st Century.

Listen to the entire episode on CBC's The Current. And, logically for a radio show, they made a video:

Also read the History of the Bathroom, in related links below.

Take a tour of Lloyd Alter's Bathroom
How Japanese bathrooms and an obscure Cornell professor from the 60s can change the design of a bathroom.

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