Shetkastone soap holder

When we were researching countertop materials for a recent Q&A; we stumbled upon Shetkastone. It would appear that it's made simply of specially formulated recycled paper. Of any sort. From office paper to waxed paper, glossy magazine paper and telephone books. Here it has found a home as a soap holder but ...... it can also apparently be used for doors, tabletops, tiles and so on. Using a patented process the paper forms into a slurry, which hardens into a material that performs like timber. It can be glued and screwed. Sanded, sawn and nailed. And then finished with normal (or better still, low VOC) timber or stone sealants. If, as the manufacturers claim, that 40% of US solid waste is paper then they have an abundant source of raw material to draw on. ::shetkastone [by WM]


Coloured tiles. Some perhaps workable...some a little fugly in our humble opinion.