Seventh Generation Changes CEOs


Seventh Generation Inc. co-founder and CEO Jeffrey Hollender, who started the green tissue giant in 1988, is transferring power to Chuck Maniscalco, a former PepsiCo executive. The new guy better not mess with my favorite TP.According to E&E;:

Maniscalco, who most recently ran PepsiCo's massive Quaker Tropicana Gatorade unit, will be charged with turning Seventh Generation into a company with $1 billion in annual sales. He declined to offer a timeline for achieving the sales target but said he plans to start with more advertising and more goods in more stores.

"We're really a new product to a lot of customers," Maniscalco said. "Awareness is relatively small compared to the number of customers who are interested in green products."

According to the market research firm Mintel International Group Ltd., the market for "green" cleaning products grew 262 percent from 2003 to 2008 and is projected to grow 873 percent by 2013. Competition for customers is increasing.

The Clorox Co. now offers "Green Works" cleaning products that are made from plant-based, biodegradable materials. S.C. Johnson and Son Inc.'s "Greenlist" seal rates the environmental sustainability of the company's products, including Windex.

Hollender made two other announcements. The company will remain private and he wants to continue hosting his TV show "Big Green Lies." He says the show is about "myths we have about the environment." Good luck, Jeff!

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