RUBBiSH: Recycled Rubber Tire Sinks From Minarc

Images: Minarc via Architects Magazine

From Earthships and building materials, to water filters, shoes and bags, old rubber tires have long been a veritable gold mine when it comes to material reuse potential. Now Santa Monica, California-based design firm Minarc have come up with yet another great rubbery idea: bathroom sinks made from recycled tires.According to Architect Magazine (which gave the sinks a R+D thumbs-up this year), the so-called RUBBiSH sinks are created by melting down old rubber tires and cleansing them of any remaining particulates. The material is then formed into a sheet which is stretched over the desired base frame (metal, wood, etc.) and anchored down by the drain collar.


The design is pretty minimal, resulting in a slim profile, with the basic option being a 1/8-inch thick sheet of molded rubbery wonder that weighs less than a pound. This allows the custom support structure to be lightweight.

Not satisfied with the basic? Well, the alternative is a fancier framed version, where the rubber sheet is framed by aluminum.

If all bodes well, these sinks could become more widely available. Minarc is now working to develop two standard sizes suitable for commercial distro: a single sink measuring at 36 inches wide and a double basin at 5 feet long.

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