Ripple Products Shower Timer

"What we do, what we say and how we act, can create a ripple in our community." Ripple make educational products so customers become more aware of their water consumption. An average Australian , for example, uses 400 litres of water each day, which is a heap for the world's... ...driest inhabited continent. Using water wisely is obviously a priority. Ripple has a number of versions of the shower timer but TreeHugger prefers the simplicity (lack of batteries, electronics) of the sand timer. Simply suction to your shower wall and swivel the timer when you start showering. One product improvement might be to have gradations on it such that you would know your exact time (not to mention using biopolymers) . Of course, the water recycling shower we wrote about previously allows you a longer, more luxurious shower but is unfortunately not to market yet.

Various other gizmos are available, including a foldable bucket to capture the 9 litres of water gushing out, before the desired shower temperature is attained. This bucket water can used for the garden, not wasted in the sewage system, as it normally would be. ::Ripple Products [by WM]


The Digital Shower Timer shown here, is waterproof, steam proof and sticks to your shower wall with a suction cup. This programmable timer is an alarm clock, press your desired time (say, 4 minutes) and away you go. An alarm sounds when you have run out of time.