Reliance Water-Saving Shower Delivers Perfect Temp

The Thermostatic Shower does all this and looks pretty sharp as well. There's nothing worse than shivering in your birthday suit on a cold winter's morning, waiting for the shower temperature to reach a barely tolerable level. From an environmental viewpoint, it's also pretty difficult to watch a day's worth of water for drought-stricken families, go uselessly down the drain. Unfortunately, for most of us, this is an everyday event. It's mind boggling to picture the amount of people who go through this very process each day. It's upsetting to think of the millions of litres of water that are wasted that could easily be conserved. There is a solution to this problem, and to tell you the truth it's been around for a fair while. It's called the Thermostatic Shower.


Renaissance Grande Shower

With this ingenious device, you set the temperature you are comfortable with and when your hot water system reaches the desired level, your perfect shower awaits you. No more goose-bumps or wasted water. The Thermostatic Shower is commercially used in hospitals and retirement homes to ensure that patients and the elderly do not scald themselves while taking a shower.

Recently, it has undergone a transformation and has shed its utilitarian look to become very modern and aesthetically pleasing. This device is available to individual home owners in a variety of designs for a reasonable price. It can easily be installed in new dwellings or retrofitted into older bathrooms by your local plumber.


Victorian Concealed Shower

It's not hard to envisage the water and monetary savings this device could return, if city councils offered subsidies on its purchase.

[by Gavin Leiminer]

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