Recycled vs Virgin Toilet Paper Is Like Paper vs Plastic Bags

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There used to be a big debate about which is better-paper or plastic bags; now we know the answer is neither- bring your own. Perhaps the debate going on now about virgin vs recycled toilet paper is similar- the best solution is to use neither.

Christian Wolmar writes in the Guardian that "If everyone in the world used as much toilet paper as people in the UK, let alone Americans, there would not be a single tree left." He notes that in most of the world, people don't use it, and in fact we don't need it at all.


Lovely Ceramica Esedra toilet and bidet

Wolmar notes that the discussion about what kind of paper to use is beside the point.

It is all very well talking about the sustainability of different brands, but in truth we should all be using water sprays...Of course, on the continent they have bidets whose purpose has always been a mystery to the British, but it suggests that they have a better understanding of cleaning their private parts than we do. Would anyone dream of cleaning dirty hands by simply wiping them on tissue paper?

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