Recycle-Shower Designer Given Green Award

shower recycler.jpg
Shower designer Peter Brewin, student at the UK's Royal College of Art , has won an award for his water and energy saving device, which is shown in the background. The system re-circulates and cleans used water, with user controlled setpoints and gage for in-situ' efficiency readout. Sounds like a souped up version of a device TreeHugger recently looked at. The London-living design student estimates it uses 70 per cent less water and 40 per cent less energy than conventional models. The shower reportedly works like a Dyson vacuum cleaner, using filters and hydro cyclones to clean the recycle stream and heat the output to the desired temperature. Seems likely it is paired with an "on demand" hot water heater. According to BBC News, Brewin's design won the British Standards Institution 2005 Environmental Design Award. And, it has "...a pause button designed to please anyone who has unwittingly stepped into a freezing cold shower...The button allows water flow to be stopped until it hits the right temperature...Other features include a water meter showing water usage per shower and a chlorine filter".Several scenario's come to mind.

"Honey,...I'm waiting in the shower, what's taking so long"... "Hit PAUSE, I'll be there in a minute".

"Where's the shampoo"?..."In the hall cabinet, get it yourself". PAUSE

"Every time I get in the shower, the telephone rings...Grrrr". PAUSE