Rawganique Organic Hemp Blend Towels

hemp-towels.jpgRawganique have an obvious passion for their mission of bringing goods to a broad market, which have an environmental and social benefit. In particular, they're huge advocates of organic cotton and hemp. Recently they began selling what they call the "first and only" certified organic hemp. It is turning up in a bunch of their product from belts to jeans but one we thought worth mentioning is the towels. A plush blend of 65% organic hemp with the remainder 35% being organic linen, Both sourced from Europe. (The linen adds extra absorption.) It seems they partnered up with Ecolution, one of their hemp suppliers, to develop 60 acres of their fields for a crop that could receive organic certification, for the production of clothing, footwear, accessories, & home products. They also note that their product involves "no sweatshop, child, or underwaged labor involved at any step." ::Rawganique


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