Quench Water-Recycling Shower - Guilt-Free Indulgence?

In our quest for efficient water use, this might be the first time we’ve come across a shower that recycles its own water for reuse [we’ve already looked at behavior-related conservation tips, like the navy shower and the selective flush, and we’ve also featured a wide-array of technologies, from low-flow showerheads to gray water recycling systems]. The Quench Shower system, originating in Australia, involves a two-step process – the first being a regular shower where you soap up and rinse off, and the second in which you allow the shower basin to fill up and then let the Quench system recycle and reheat that water perpetually. So you can enjoy as long a shower as you like without using any more water. In principle we like the idea, but it has its drawbacks.
Reusing any precious resource can only be a good thing where the environment is concerned. It should probably be noted though that a lot of people are going to be turned off by the idea of reusing shower water, even with the initial soap and shampoo phase (the system also includes an automatice self-sanitizing end phase). We should also note that this is really only going to save water for those who like to take long showers. Satisfied devotees of the navy shower who don’t miss that 10 minute soak would do better to get a normal low-flow showerhead (the Quench head is rated at 2.4 gallons a minute whereas many low-flow options can go down to as little as 1 gallon). Still, one thing is certain when it comes to sustainability - we need a diverse range of solutions to fit different lifestyles and different tastes. The Quench shower may well be a god-send for those water-conscious treehuggers who just can’t part with the occasional indulgence of a long, peaceful shower.

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