Propelair Toilet


Propelair's patented new potty, according to the sales literature, "...reduces water consumption to 1.5 Litres per flush, using 84% less water than an average WC, and 75% less than other ‘low-flush’ systems – reducing number of litres wasted, and decreasing costs in metered areas". How does it work? By our reading, it literally 'blows the crap and water down the drain' -- with air as the plunger. "The lid is closed before flushing, which forms an air seal with the bowl. A small quantity of water enters the bowl to wash it, followed by displaced air. As the air can’t exit the bowl, it acts to efficiently and effectively expel the contents of the bowl without water, pumps or maceration. After flushing, sufficient water replenishes the water trap seal, and propelair is ready for the next user. The entire flushing cycle takes around three seconds to complete". Better have a safety interlock on it. Otherwise, expect a hoot and holler from Great Aunt Dorothy after she presses the lever while still on the pot. And the kids...let's not even think about it.