Popup Pissoir Solves Wee Problem

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What is the perfect thing if you are sitting at your pop-up table and having a beer or three? A pop-up urinal! In a lot of older cities, there is a shortage of toilets and a surplus of beer. The result often is public peeing. But if we are going to have vibrant (and sweet smelling) cities, we have to deal with these kinds of issues.

One answer is the UriLift, with three stainless steel urinals that pop up at the push of a button. Springwise tells us that "the urinals and drain in the UriLift are connected to the mains sewer, so that interim cleaning is unnecessary; there's also a connection to the water mains, but the device can be supplied with a rainwater-based water tank instead, or for use without water."

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The company also offers a Urilady version with an interesting cantilevered seat designed so that men cannot pee on it.

The unique UriGenic toilet pan, a 'wok' with a suspended toilet seat, is the perfect solution for men and women. Since the toilet seat returns automatically to a vertical position after use, the unit can also be used by men as a urinal. Splashes on the seat are therefore a thing of the past. Naturally the unit is completely lockable so that the user can enjoy total privacy. It is also practical to use and exceptionally hygienic.

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In Esbjerg, Denmark, they have been using the urilift for a while; Mads Peter H. Sørensen, of Technical and Environmental Department explains:

We (all citizens in the town) are very happy with the UriLift. Every night at about 22.00 the UriLift is activated by personnel from a bar nearby (they have a remote). Next morning the street-sweepers clean it from empty cans, glass etc. and lower it down with their remote. They also activate the self-cleaning-system, so the UriLift is clean when it is activated in the evening. It is still looking just as good as it looks when it was new.

More at Urilift

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It certainly looks more effective than Dutch designer Sam van Veluw's Pee Tree we caught on Inhabitat.

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