Pee-Cycling: Green Toilet Idea From Olde Europe

As we've already posted on poo-cycling today, might as well take in the whole excretory panorama. According to an article in New Scientist:- "Despite making up only 1 per cent of the volume of waste water, urine contributes about 80 per cent of the nitrogen and 45 per cent of all the phosphate. Peeing into the pan immediately dilutes these chemicals with vast quantities of water, making the removal process unnecessarily inefficient". That's certainly true. But there's a "downside" to the design solution being presented. Young tree hugger males will have to sit on the pot to do their "pee-cycling" .From New Scientist: " do you stop pee from getting into sewage in the first place? The answer is to install a special WC called a "urine-separation toilet" or often just a NoMix, after one of the leading brands".

"On casual inspection a NoMix toilet looks pretty much like a normal one. But peer into the bowl and you'll see that there are two waste pipes - a small front one and a larger rear one. The front one collects urine and diverts it into a storage tank (sometimes aided by a tiny trickle of water) to await its fate. The rear works like a standard flush toilet..."The toilet is constructed in a way that if a man or woman sits on the toilet most of the urine is collected," says Bjartur Swart of engineering firm Grontmij in Drachten, the Netherlands, which is conducting urine separation trials across the country".

Were these sold in the US without proper market preparation, there could be substantial risk of it becoming a political "wedge issue". Cable news and talk show hosts could skip the annual 'war against Christmas' stuff and move on to the feindish plot by "greenies" that is threatening American virility. The peventive solution, we think, lies in good old American marketing magic.

Because, "...Sweden is now the urine-separation centre of the western world, with around 3000 NoMix toilets in use," the manufacturer of units made for US sales could take inspiration from the prow of a Viking ship, reshaping the NoMix back and bowl to achieve a Viking look. Very masculine. The ad script for US rollout goes like this:

A Swedish hunk, in Viking costume, is shown watching TV with his significant other. At the right juncture, he excuses himself from her company, heading toward the water closet while saying 'I gotta take a ship.' His wife/girlfriend looks up at the camera and says 'no one knows where the journey takes him.' "Greenland" comes the reply from behind closed door.

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