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    Composting toilets: Ready for Prime Time?

    September 22, 9:21 AM by Lloyd Alter in Bathroom Design

    TreeHugger has floated the idea of composting toilets for houses before; the consensus among commenters was "Composting toilets are NEVER going to make it into the main stream market. Debating it is silly." Or is it? Ontario Green Party candidate Shane

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    Staber: Top Loader That Thinks its a Front Loader

    May 31, 5:10 AM by Warren McLaren in Bathroom Design

    Normally I don't pay much attention to television adverts. But recently I had to go through the process of buying a new washing machine, so it was with interest that I noticed Fisher&Paykel; promoting their Aquasmart machine. The first top loader

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    Navy Showers: Water Saving Goes Hardcore

    April 22, 12:15 PM by Sami Grover in Bathroom Design

    Here’s yet another post that came to us via the ever diligent community at Hugg (thanks jerryjamesstone!). While water-saving shower heads can cut back our ecological footprint drastically (which is why Simran was promoting them on Oprah last week),

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    Hot Poop on Composting Toilets: Separett

    April 3, 8:13 AM by Lloyd Alter in Bathroom Design

    As John Laumer noted earlier, there is a lot of useful stuff in pee, but we dilute it with gallons of water, send it down big pipes mixed with everything else, and suddenly we have monstrous networks of waste piping, sewage treatment plants and water

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    More Hot Poop on Composting Toilets: Biolan

    April 2, 8:38 AM by Lloyd Alter in Bathroom Design

    We were at the Cottage Life Show in Toronto this weekend, but soon there might be a whole spinoff, "Compost Toilet Life Show" , there were so many new products in the alternative toilet world. One that surprised us was the Finnish Biolan- we are used to

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    Clivus Multrum at the Bronx Zoo

    March 15, 7:29 AM by Lloyd Alter in Bathroom Design

    We look forward to the upcoming launch of Dave Praeger's Poop Culture: How America is Shaped by its Grossest National Product. The author has a blog where we learned about a new installation of Clivus Multrum composting toilets at the Bronx Zoo,

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    Sinkpositive: Save Water, Wash Your Hands

    March 13, 9:45 AM by Collin Dunn in Bathroom Design

    TreeHugger has seen a few different water-saving sink/toilet combinations in the past, but there's always room for one more smart implementation of graywater recycling on these pages. Take a gander at Sinkpositive from Environmental Designworks, a handy

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    Check that Toilet Drip!

    February 6, 5:56 AM by Lloyd Alter in Bathroom Design

    Ever since the development of the cistern and the siphon toilet, flapper valves have leaked. The Wall Street Journal says that a leaky toilet is the most common reason for a spike in home water bills. The city of Portland, Ore., estimates a silent leak

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    Microsoft Tries Again with E-Toilet

    January 16, 10:25 AM by Lloyd Alter in Bathroom Design

    A couple of years ago the net was agog with news that MicroSoft was issuing the iLoo, a portable toilet with internet access. Alas it turned out to be fairly fragrant vapourware, and never appeared. It also was basically a chemical toilet and not

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    Pee-Cycling: Green Toilet Idea From Olde Europe

    January 13, 2:47 PM by John Laumer in Bathroom Design

    As we've already posted on poo-cycling today, might as well take in the whole excretory panorama. According to an article in New Scientist:- "Despite making up only 1 per cent of the volume of waste water, urine contributes about 80 per cent of the

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    Niagara Flapperless Beats the Crap out of Normal Toilets

    December 5, 7:38 AM by Lloyd Alter in Bathroom Design

    Thomas Crapper didn't invent the eponymous bathroom device; He improved it and popularized it. The key invention of the siphonic action, where there is a complete water seal to stop smells and no valve on the outlet to fail (gaskets were leather 200

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    Bio-lux Composting Toilet: A New Throne for your Home

    November 17, 7:39 AM by Lloyd Alter in Bathroom Design

    When it comes to composting toilets, we thought we had seen it all, but we missed the Bio-Lux. This Japanese unit uses sawdust as an "artificial soil matrix" to decompose human waste into odorless water and carbon dioxide through aerobic fermentation.

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    Bucket Basics

    November 11, 8:28 AM by Karin Kloosterman in Bathroom Design

    Being in Thailand's remote island of Koh Tao for a couple of weeks reminds us the importance of conserving every last drop of freshwater. And as savvy and hip as most of us TreeHuggers are, some of us are looking for the tried and true, back to

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    Award Winning Enviro Laundry Saves the Climate

    November 10, 8:10 AM by Warren McLaren in Bathroom Design

    Ozone, is a substance that like CO2, seems not only to require international treaties, but it likes cleaning stuff. Apparently NASA discovered it works a treat as a disinfectant, killing bacteria and making stains soluble at low temperatures. The

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    The Flusher King: Testing Toilets

    October 24, 7:47 AM by Lloyd Alter in Bathroom Design

    When low-water flush toilets became the law, they were not very popular; people were even smuggling high-volume toilets across the border from Canada, because the things just didn't work, often requiring two or three flushes to get everything down.

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    WaterSaver Technologies Aqus Uses Sink Greywater for Toilet

    October 7, 1:12 PM by Christine Lepisto in Bathroom Design

    The Aqus(TM) is the epitomy of American ingenuity. Bothered from a young age by the tragic waste of water flowing down the sink drain, Mark Sanders repeatedly dreamed of a system to collect that water and reuse it. Dreams led to sketches, which led

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    TwoFlush: A Dual-Flush Retrofit for Your Favorite Bowl

    August 18, 5:25 PM by Jacob Gordon in Bathroom Design

    Look through history and it’s clear: inspiration comes in the loo. The low-flow showerhead, the waterless urinal, integrated sink/toilet, and group bathing are no doubt the product of inspired water closet thinking. A man named Joe Molho had such a

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    Propelair Toilet

    August 17, 7:18 AM by John Laumer in Bathroom Design

    Propelair's patented new potty, according to the sales literature, "...reduces water consumption to 1.5 Litres per flush, using 84% less water than an average WC, and 75% less than other ‘low-flush’ systems – reducing number of litres wasted, and


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