Ossengal Stain Remover

A TH reader was having trouble getting some dirt out of his clothes using a WonderWash hand powered washing machine. He could try Ossengal natural stain remover. I still have the roll-on stick (very little wastage) that I bought from Real Goods over ten years ago. The stuff just last and lasts. Probably because you only need an inchywichy portion to be effective, One of its active ingredients seems to be derived from enzymes found in the purified gall of oxen, But my Dutch is next to non-existent, so don’t hold me to that. It has been cleaning textiles in Europe for over 150 years, so its efficiency seems not to be in doubt. The Dutch Store has the soap bar version for $2.70 USD. Our vegan friends might find it unsuitable, so they should check out the myriad other natural cleaning ideas suggested by Care2. Otherwise, if your Dutch is better than mine, look here ::Ossengal