Organic Straits hand towels

First of all, any company that admits, "By attending an environmental conference, which we were requested to attend...we realized the shameful reality of our lack of environmental awareness," has a self-awareness that seems, quite frankly, impossible (at least in America). But the only self-proclaimed 100% windmill-powered factory in Japan doesn't really care if people know how it got to be that way. Maybe that's because its organic Peruvian cotton towels are hot-hot-hot among the island nation's stylish citizens. Its Organic Straits colored hand towels are made with organic cotton yarn. "The new cheerful vivid 3 different colors shall bring an upswing & fancy ambiences into our everyday lives. Please kindly reach out your hand and you would be able to enjoy the comfort of lifetime guaranteed genuine organic woven goods with an earthy feeling." The towels are also available in, like, a bazillion other colors, from the New York address listed on the Web site. ::Ikeuchi Towel