New Sink Lets You Recycle Your Greywater & Saves Space

valencia design week ecocubo photo

At the Gala for the best designs of the Valencian region 2011 by the Valencian Design Association this week we saw a lot of flashy projects but not many that I would classify as best, meaning functional, attractive and eco! The student award for industrial design however went to La Muda, for the product Ecocubo, which "promotes an eco-behaviour". It is a sink that lets you recycle water easily and is perfect for small spaces.

ecocubo sink by la muda photo

It's simple: the water you use from washing your hands can be collected in an integrated bucket underneath the sink. You have however also the option for the greywater to be flushed away in case it is too dirty for mopping the floor or watering plants. What I like about it is the way the bucket ("cubo" in Spanish) is nicely stored away when you don't need it. This product fits in line with Roca's w+w toilet with integrated sink, or the Take-Away sink, all of which are interesting projects but somehow haven't quite made it into our homes yet. Priced at over 3000€ and with its excessive use of material even the w+w is not quite there yet after hitting the market last year. I hope we get to see projects like the Ecocubo made reality soon. And by the way, this design might work well as a kitchen sink too, not just in the bathroom.

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