My Favourite Stories of 2011: April

I really do think everyone should study this graph from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. It shows where our energy comes from and where it goes, and I drew some conclusions about what we can learn from it, including:

1. Embrace urbanism.
2. Do everything possible to promote bikes, electric bikes, mopeds, buses, light rail, subways, anything that moves more human and less iron
3. Move to Cleveland.
4. Listen to Mies.
More at Seven Lessons From Lawrence Livermore Laboratory's Energy Use Graph

The Kohler Numi: The Perfect Toilet For Your Living Room

Douglas Coupland has noted that "Only 20 per cent of humanity is neurologically wired to understand irony, which horrifies me because it means that 80 per cent of the world is taking life at face value." And it appears the 80% read TreeHugger, because nobody got that this post was written entirely tongue in cheek. Alas, the comments have all disappeared, because they were wonderful.

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My Favourite Stories of 2011: April
In which I learn that irony and humour don't work well on the internet

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