More Hot Poop on Composting Toilets: Biolan

We were at the Cottage Life Show in Toronto this weekend, but soon there might be a whole spinoff, "Compost Toilet Life Show" , there were so many new products in the alternative toilet world. One that surprised us was the Finnish Biolan- we are used to some complexity in these things and this is little more than a well insulated container with an insulated toilet seat. According to the distributor, adding a peat moss and sawdust mixture after each use and sealing it up tight generates enough heat and biological action to do the job and evaporate most of the liquid. The literature says that it can serve a family for a year without emptying.

Most of the other composting toilets we know of have mechanisms to aerate the poop and electric fans to keep the air moving; this has none of that. Can something so simple work and be odorless as the manufacturer claims? ::Biolan In Canada, email Larry @

Biolan also makes interesting gray water handling systems and garden composting products like the "stone" shown below the fold - a big plastic composter disguised as a rock to be "inconspicuous."


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