Minimalist Soap Holder Alert

Soap Holder Banus Overflow Holes Photo

Image via: Jaboneras Banus

Sure you could just toss the soap on the counter, or if you're lucky your sink has a little cut-in indentation for holding soap. But it's inevitable that that soap will end up a slimy mess as the water pools under the soap and just turns the hidden half of the bar into goo, just waiting for you to grab it - you know what I'm talking about. Well designer Marcos Shayo of Buenos Aires, Argentina has taken that goo to task and designed a minimalist soap dish - the Soap Holder Banus - that can be installed anywhere, uses minimal resources and also keeps the soap fresh.The "dish" saves counter space because its installed right into the overflow holes of any sink - whether the sink has one, two or three overflow holes. The wire holder comes in several sizes and can be adjusted to fit any overflow hole configuration. The minimal zig-zag wire design ensures that the soap doesn't stew in its own dirty water and become a mess. Not a bad idea or design at all.

Update to article: We reported yesterday that the soap holder was made from no recycled materials. Turns out, the dish is made from 73.16% recycled metals - hooray!:Productos Banus
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